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Best Electric Potato Peeler

Did you know that American love eating vegetable? While it might be a shock to most, Potatoes are actually a vegetables. We eat it smashed, Baked, Fried and stewed. However, one of the most annoying thing is its skin. Peeling it can take 5 minutes each. If you have a large crowd, its going to take forever. We can reduce the time it takes by using a Electric Potato Peeler. There are many option from the mighty industrial to the simple home peeler. I personally think the Commercial Electric Potato Peeler is the best, but its simply not practical.

What is a Electric Potato Peeler?

A Electric Potato Peeler is a electronic device that is designed to peel potato. Commercial unit use a centrifuge like design that peels the exterior. By spinning it, the potato hits the inside wall peeling the exterior of it. This design is a bit wasteful, but its the most efficient. You can peel multiple potato at the same time.

The Electric Potato Peeler that you use at home is designed for one potato. You load it onto a lathe like machine and a metal arm peels it. This model is wasteful as well but it is smaller and actually practical. Unfortunately its not that much faster. The good thing is that its hands off. This means you have time to do other task. You can also use this tool for peeling apple. Some spiralizer can also be used to peel potato.

How to use a Electric Potato Peeler?

The exact instruction will vary based on manufacturer. But the basis of each is simple. Load it onto the spinner. You usually have to spear one end of the potato. Then you clamp it onto the machine. Once secured, lower the arm lever and power on the machine.

There are metal and plastic variation, usually for commercial setting, metal option is chosen for durability. These can be mounted on the wall as well. But plastic models is lighter and easier to use for the home.

The Commercial model is easier, just load it in and turn it on. The abrasive walls or top will peel it for you. There is a non commercial one that you can use as well. It works almost the same.

Best Electric Potato Peeler List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Electric Potato Peeler. There are a few option available, choose one that best suits you.

J-JATI Electric Potato Peeler Automatic Peeling machine (Best Overall)

This machine is a variation of the Commercial design. Instead of just peeling one potato, you can load a handful. Its less work and its quicker for larger quantity. While the single model machine work, its simply not efficient. Unfortunately, this was the only model like this that I could find. Another thing to note is that its a bit bigger. So be prepared to make some room for it.

Starfrit Rotato Express, Electric Peeler 093209-006-BLCK (Best Single Peeler)

For a more traditional design, this model by Starfrit will work just as well. Since it spins on a lathe, it wont bruise the potato like the other one. You do have to load each potato individually but the results are generally good. Its a lot smaller than our winning model so its good if you are limited on space.

KitchenAid Spiralizer Plus Attachment with Peel, Core and Slice (Preferred Spiralizer)

This spiralizer is actually better than the previous model. The problem with this is that you need a mixer. But if you do have it, this comes with different attachment. You can spiralize vegetable or you can peel it. Plus, you can also use it for other vegetables, not just potato. Price is also a bit more expensive.


A Electric Potato Peeler is a great way to save time. All you need to do is load it on and let it run. However, there are a lot of models out there. The best one for the home kitchen is a variation of the Commercial Model. The problem is that its bigger so its not great for the smaller kitchen. There are singular models that take up less room. Its just that its annoying to load each potato. If you have a kitchen aid mixer. I recommend that you get the spiralizer attachment. Its more well built and it will take up less room. Plus the mixer is bullet proof, so it can last longer than the other model.

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