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Best Sake Warmer

Sake is one of the versatile alcoholic drink. It can be enjoyed at varying temperature much like tea. The effects that temperature have on sake is dramatic. Cooler temperature sake has more clean flavors but less umami. Where as warmer sake is more rich and gives off a more umami […]

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Best Cast Iron Griddle

Cast Iron Griddle are great for pancakes, steak, eggs and more. They offer a wide flat surface with little to no sides. This makes it easy to flip, turn and cook food. There are quite a few different variety in the market. Most comes double sided for maximum versatility but […]

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Best Noodle Strainer

Noodle Strainer are used to cook, dry and strain noodles. You see it all over noodles shops throughout Asia. They are designed so that it will hang off a large pot of boiling water. Once done, you lift and shake all the excess liquid out. By straining the liquid thoroughly, […]

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Best Konro Grill the Yakitori Grill

Konro Grill are insulated Japanese grill designed for intense heat grilling. It is commonly used in Japan for BBQ. Perhaps one of the most popular dish cooked is Yakitori. Some might wonder what makes it so different? Unlike traditional grills, Konro Grill are insulated and burn clean with Binchotan, a […]

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Best Suribachi Bowl the Japanese Mortar and Pestle

Suribachi Bowl is the Japanese Mortar and Pestle. It has ridges on the bottom to make for very fine grounds. Originally, Suribachi was used for medicinal use. But today, they are more commonly used to ground fine grain such as sesame seeds. With Suribachi you can ususally get a much […]

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Best Rice Washer Bowl

Rice is a staple in Asian Cuisine. However, getting good rice requires a few important steps. The first is washing it properly. As a child, I always washed the rice in the rice bowl of the rice cooker. Little did I know, that doing so can damage and shorten the […]

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Best Utensils for Wok

Woks are fantastic tools for cooking Chinese food. However, to properly use a wok, professional Chinese Chef will often use certain utensils. These tools make stir frying, tossing, cleaning and ladling a lot easier. Look up any Chinese cooking video and you will see them use it. Unfortunately, most videos […]

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Best Sandbakkelse Tin

Sandbakkelse Tins vary in size and shape. The most common shape are the miniature fluted one that are used in making little egg tarts. Other shapes are available but those are relatively rare. While the standard fluted design comes with many different materials. If you want more instrinsint design, then […]

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