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Le Creuset Vintage Orange Saucepan

Le Creuset Vintage Orange is one of the original colors that started Le Creuset. Their official term for it is Volcanic flame, but most will just call it orange. It has a gradient that goes from dark to light starting from the outer edge inward. Although the design of their dutch oven has pretty much remain the same throughout the years, the saucepan has more variety in its design changes. In this review, I will discuss how it is different and whether you should find a Modern Version or a vintage model on Ebay.

Uses for Le Creuset Small Orange Saucepan

Small saucepans for the most part are not really necessary. Whatever you might need to do in a small saucepan can be done in a large one. Primarily, what you can do with these smaller pot is to make sauces or soup. For that purpose, a small saucepan is perfect for the job. You will not be wasting excess gas heating up a large saucepan. Aside from efficiency sake, the real benefit that you can get from these small saucepan, particularly a small cast iron saucepan is to use it as a serving bowl. Because of the ability of cast iron to retain heat, you can serve the soup and keep it hot throughout service. Le Creuset Vintage Orange and other colors has a certain colorful charm that will delight your guess. You can keep the content hidden and reveal it at the serving table.


Le Creuset vintage orange


The handle is something that is certainly different from today’s saucepan. Instead of a wooden or a straight bar handle, the vintage saucepan has a conical shape that tapers inward. Inside the cone, there is a bar inside it. Thinking that I might be able to fit the wooden handle that is on the frying pan on it, I tried twisting it on. Sadly, it was a little too large for it. I do believe that the bar inside the handle is meant for hanging. There are some Le Creuset set where they have a nice wooden rack that holds different sizes of saucepan. It is possible that this belong in one of those series. Aside from that, I do not believe the opening provides any sort of cooling benefit. Be sure to take care when holding the handle as it might burn you.

Le Creuset Vintage Orange Handle

The Shape of Le Creuset Vintage Saucepan are the best!

Curves everywhere! There are curves everywhere on the vintage saucepan. Everything is rounded from the interior edges to the rolled lip. The rounded interior lets you use a whisk with ease without worry about lumps burning. The rolled lip lets you pour liquid out without dripping onto the side. The curvy handle gives you a nice ergonomic feel.

Le Creuset Vintage Orange saucepan Curves

Le Creuset Vintage Orange Enamel

As stated before, this is Le Creuset original color. It is known as Flame and it has a nice vibrant hue to it. I am not sure why, but there is a very pronounce ripple to the paint. It is both on the inside and the outside. More than likely, the cast iron was never smoothed out initially and this was the result.
On the bottom of the saucepan, the cast iron is bare. This is something that you can only find on Vintage Model of Le Creuset. For whatever reason, the newer one seems to have forego this step. Through my previous test result, what I found is that bare cast iron pots can transfer heat better than enamel coated cast iron. I believe that since enamel is powder glass, the heat conductivity is not as efficient as bare cast iron.

Le Creuset Bare Cast Iron

Something that most people overlook is that the lip is also coated in Enamel. In newer iteration of Le Creuset cookware, the lip is never coated in enamel. The reason for this is because at higher temperature, the lid will fuse with the pot. This is due to the enamel sticking softening and adhering to the lid.

Le Creuset Lid has the real Vintage Color

I have to admit, what I like most about this saucepan is simply the color of the underside of the lid. It looks like a color that you find in older fire hydrant. It has a matte orange look instead of a glossy enamel. Honestly, I would love a cast iron pot just in that color.

Le Creuset Vintage Orange Lid

The knob on the lid is made in plastic and it lacks any of Le Creuset’s logo. Interesting how product branding changes overtime.

Made by a Child?

There is something endearing about the way it looks. The craftsmanship on this looks very shoddy. I am not sure if this was done on purpose but it looks very cute. If you look at the handle, you can see odd bumps and shape. The base of the handle has a horribly made V shape. The transition from the cream enamel to the flame orange is also poorly done. You can see there are rough edges everywhere. Given that, I find it very charming for some reason. If you drink soup from it, it feels like drinking out of a bowl made by your child.

Fit and Finish

Typically Le Creuset product fit and finish is great. Given that I said that it look like it was by a child, obviously its not good. It is simply not as refined as it is today. I will say that the durability is amazing. This little orange le creuset saucepan is over 50 year old and it still looks beautiful.


Note: These measurements are done by me with the tools that I have on hand. The manufacturers have their own measurement guidelines and that should be assumed to be accurate. What I find on this review can vary widely due to several factors, such as ambient temperature, location, water, tool calibration, stove btu, etc..and should only be considered as my opinion.
Weight: 918 g Lid Weight: 380 g
Rim Width: Around 5.5 inch
Base Cooking Width: Around 3 inch
Height: Around 2.75 inch

Le Creuset Vintage Orange Saucepan Conclusion

These are great pans for the finish. Holding it, makes it feel like you are holding a piece of history. Le Creuset has built up a long legacy, getting something from its past makes me feel nostalgic. The beauty and luster has held up even after these years. You will often find them for less than 50 dollar on ebay. I recommend that you get at least one piece of vintage cookware from Le Creuset. You will not regret it.
If you want the more Modern Version, you have a huge variety of colors and shapes. I am sure one will suite your taste.

I hope you like this Vintage Le Creuset Saucepan Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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