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Best Chocolatera and Molinillo for Hot Chocolate

In Spain, Latin America and the Phillipines, hot chocolate is an essential part of life. This thick and warming concoction is perfect for a cold morning. What makes it different from the western hot chocolate is how its prepared. Instead of a sauce pan, Tsokolate (Phillipino Hot Hot Chocolate) is […]

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Best Bacon Frying Pan

Nothing ties a breakfast together like a nice strip of bacon. However, cook it wrong and it will become soggy or even burnt. Using the right pan can help with this. Aluminum and copper pan are some of the best heat conductor. However, this can often lead to bacon overcooking. […]

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The Best Couscoussier the Couscous Pot

Couscous is staple in northern african cuisine. Just like how rice is for asia and bread is for the west, couscous acts as a neutral flavor to dish. However, most couscous that we eat in the states are all instant. If you want to get the flavor of true couscous, […]

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Best Cast Iron Sandwich and Panini Press

From Cuban to Panini, sandwich just taste better when its press. Before Electric Press were a thing, Cast Iron Sandwich and Panini Press was the go to tool. I argue that its still better than the electric variety that you get today. You can control the heat better and you […]

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Best Dolsot Pot and Bowl

One of the Iconic Dish of Korea is Bibimbap. Its a mixture of several different vegetables and meat in a pipping hot bowl. However, what most people dont realize that a important part of the dish is the bowl. The Dolsot Pot is the vessel that makes the rice crispy […]

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Best Cezve the Turkish Coffee Pot

A Cezve or a Turkish Coffee Pot are special vessel designed to make Turkish coffee. Instead of dripping hot water over a filter. Turkish Coffee is made by repeatedly blooming coffee grinds in water. These Cezve are typically put in hot sand pits to get this effect. However, you can […]

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Best Deep Fry Pan aka Chip Pan

A Deep Fry Pan otherwise known as a Chip Pan, is a pan used specifically to deep fry food. These deep fry pans perform much better than modern electronic version. They can reach higher temperature and maintain it better. Its also much easier to adjust the temperature. As a result, […]

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Best Cataplana Pan

Perhaps one of the most popular Portugese dish is Cataplana. Its a melody of different seafood with a rich delicious broth. The most traditional and best way to make Cataplana is with a Cataplana Pan. Its a clam shell like pan that is designed to seal in all the juices. […]

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Best Japanese Tea Pot

Tea is one of the most drank beverage in Asia. Perhaps one of the most well known brewer, aside from China, is Japan. They make a wide range of tea pot from cast iron to pottery. The Tetsubin or cast iron tea pot has recently come into popularity. Its sleek […]

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Best Cast Iron Braiser

A braise is when you sear food and simmer it in liquid. This produces extra flavor compound while at the same time keep food moist and succulent. Braising is usually done on tough cut of meat, where long stews are necessary. As a result, the tough sinew will turn gelatinous […]

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