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Cookware Safety Guide

Cookware Safety seems like one of the biggest question on everyone mind? Is cast iron safe, what about nonstick? our Cookware Safety guide should help you decide on what is safe to cook in and what isnt. All the information here are readily available online and all I did was […]

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T Fal Stock Pot Review

T Fal Stock Pot is one of the best top rated stock pot on amazon. With 2.5 thousand rating at 4.5 star, it is sign of a good stock pot. The way that T Fal designed their stock pot, is more like a traditional french stock pot. Unlike a dutch […]

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Norelco Dial A Brew The Original Chemex Ottomatic

Norelco 12 cup Dial a Brew

Norelco Dial A Brew is The Original Chemex Ottomatic. In the 70’s Phillips Norelco had a line of coffee maker that was called the Dial A Brew. There were varying sizes available, but the 12 cup model is the most infamous today. The 1500 watt of power ensures that the […]

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Lodge Cast Iron Wok Review

Lodge Cast Iron Wok is essentially a bowl. In a traditional wok, those are designed to be moderately light. It is meant to toss food with simple jerk of the arm. This allows Chinese Chef to cook food with blazing speed. However, our home fire has limitation that restaurant dont […]

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Circulon Elementum Hard Anodized Cookware Set Review

Circulon Elementum Hard Anodized cookware set is one of the newest line of nonstick cookware by Circulon. The company Circulon has been around since 1984. The company falls under a umbrella of company by the Meyer Corporation. They own various cookware brand such as Prestige, Faberware, Ruffoni and even Hestan. […]

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Blue Diamond Cookware Set Review

Blue Diamond Cookware now comes in a full set. They come in a 14 piece set that satisfy any need for a home kitchen. This brand is often seen on television and their appeal is the fact that they have real diamond…or do they? What I notice is that a […]

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Carote Cookware Review

Carote Cookware is one of the best selling pans on Amazon. While the brand is relatively unknown in America, they are quite popular in Asia. According to the online sources, they have been manufacturing cookware for over 20 years. In Asia, there is a much more rich combination of colors […]

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Granite Stone Pan Review As Seen on TV!

Granite Stone Pan is the latest cookware by the As Seen on TV brand. Although similar, its not quite the same as the granite rock pan. the Granitestone pan features a triple layer food grade granite layer that maximizes durability. It has natural mineral coating for a superior nonstick cooking […]

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Calphalon Cast Iron Cookware Review

Calphalon Cast Iron Cookware is the latest in their line of cookware. While they are more known for their nonstick cookware, how do they fair when producing cast iron cookware. Calpalon has been in business since 1963. It was founded by Ronald Kasperzak who first started producing aluminum cookware for […]

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