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Best Katsuobushi Bonito Shaver Box

A Katsuobushi is a whole block of dried smoked skipjack tuna. It is prized for its umami flavor that is used in many Japanese dish. One of the most prominent one being Takoyaki or just making Dashi Stock. However, having a Katsuobushi is only one part of it. You need […]

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Best Handai aka Hangiri Bowl aka Sushi Oke

A Handai aka Hangiri Bowl aka Sushi Oke is a large wooden bowl used to cool rice for Sushi. While this is usually only seen in Japanese restaurant. Incorporating it at home is great if you need to prepare food quickly. The cypress wood construction adds a subtle but pleasant […]

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Best Soy Sauce Dispenser

Soy Sauce was originally invented as a way of prolonging the life of salt. However, nowadays it one of the most used condiments in asia. From eggs, soups and even rice, soy sauce can enhance the flavor of any dish. Keeping it handy at your table is crucial for easy […]

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Best Thermal Lunch Box aka Food Thermos

A Thermal Lunch Box otherwise known as a food thermos, will keep you food hot or cold for hours. Its great for when you are traveling and do not have access to a stove or microwave. However, there many different design and iteration on the market. Some are effective and […]

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Best Sushi, Rice and Onigiri Mold

Japanese food are a delight, they come in various shapes, colors and design. There is even a trend where they make cartoon character out of food. However, for those of us who are into more basic design, making well shaped sushi and onigiri can be a challenge. Luckily, there are […]

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Best Splatter Screen and Guard

Cooking at home is a great way to eat fresh food. However, one downside is the mess. One of the most annoying thing is the oil and food splatter. To reduce this, you can use a thing called a splatter guard. They limit the amount of oil that goes in […]

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Best Rice Paddle and Spoon aka Shamoji

For those of us who use a rice cooker, a rice paddle (Shamoji) is a given. Manufacturer usually offer them as an accessories. However, we never really know how useful they are until we lose them. While you can use other spoons, they can either damage or ruin your pot […]

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Best Oyakodon Pan aka Oyako Pan

Oyakodon is a famous Japanese dish originating in Tamahid in 1891. What makes it so famous is the sweet and savory egg topping. Usually consisting of eggs, chicken, onion and a sweet broth. A good Oyakodon is freshly prepared right before serving. Doing it in one fell swoop is critical. […]

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Best Yukihira Saucepan

Yukihira Saucepan are the most commonly used pots in Japan. They are used in a variety of situation from simmering soup to cooking noodles. The design is simple yet beautiful. With hammered sides to improve structural integrity and a wooden handle to keep it cool. However, in the states, these […]

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Best Meat Pounder and Tenderizer

A meat pounder can both flatten and tenderize meat. Great if you want a large chicken cutlet or if you just have a tough cut of meat. The most traditional type of meat pounder is the mallet. However, is it really that great? Since you are whacking it, its hard […]

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