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Congee (粥) Chinese Rice Porridge

France has Riz au lait, Italy has Risottoto and the Chinese have Congee. Congee is a Chinese Rice Porridge that is typically eaten at breakfast. Unlike its two sister, the consistency of congee is more viscous. There is less of a chew and its typically prepared as a savory dish. […]

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Best Copper Cleaner for Pots

Copper is one of the best material you can use for cooking. However, it is also one of the most high maintenance cookware out there. So a lot of people ask, what is best copper cleaner for pots and pans? There are various home method such as ketchup or salt […]

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Mi Goreng Indoneisan Instant Noodles Review

Mi Goreng is Indonesia most famous instant noodle. It’s status is much like Maruchan in America, but it actually taste good. One major difference between these instant noodles and the American version, is that its eaten dry. You combine it with the various packets of sauces and condiments. The end […]

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Cheap vs Expensive Cookware

Cheap vs Expensive Cookware, is there any difference? Lots of people ask, why they should pay 5-10 times as much as the cheaper alternative. The sad truth is that there really isn’t any reason. Most of the time, its mostly down to marketing and looks. What would surprise most people […]

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How to Clean Pots and Pans

How to Clean Pots and Pans? Most would probably just stick it in the dish washer. However, typically for high end cookware, it is recommended that you always wash it by hand. The main reason for this recommendation is due to oxidation and rust. Certain metal like Cast Iron, Copper […]

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Is Chinese Food Healthy

Is Chinese food healthy? It depends on where you get it. Usually American Chinese food are generally unhealthy. I would not use Panda Express to lose weight. But really it depends on what type of food you eat. Which is pretty much true with any type of food. If you […]

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Is Chinese Food Bad for You?

Is Chinese food bad for you? It depends on where you get it. I found the article on the major journal to be absolutely hilarious. They are claiming that Chinese restaurant are very bad and it has more sodium that you can take. I bet that if you do the […]

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Is All Clad Worth It?

All Clad 8 inch d5 Bottom

Is All Clad Worth It? This is the question that people ask when they see the astronomical price. Relative to your general cookware manufacturer like T-Fal and Cuisinart, it is considerably more expensive. In fact, one pan can cost as much as the whole set of cookware from the other […]

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