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Best Way of Removing Rust from Cast Iron

Cast Iron is making a comeback, they are the original non toxic non stick pan. However, there are issues with cast iron that most people are not aware of, Rust. Rust can be dangerous if it gets into your blood stream. So its a good idea to get rid of […]

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How to Clean a Wok

Ever wonder why your wok rust? It can be due to improper washing. Much like cast iron, Woks needs a seasoning for it to perform optimally. You cant just put it in a dishwasher. Nor cant you use harsh soap either. So how do you clean a Wok? That depends […]

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Best Cookbooks of All Time

Before there was the internet, there was cookbooks. Home cooks uses these books as their point of reference. While Cookbooks are not as popular these days, they are still essential source of information. Often time these recipes and information are provided by experts and not some random bloggers. However, due […]

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Air Fryer vs Convection Toaster Oven

Air Fryer vs Convection Toaster Oven which is better? Air Fryers are great tools, pop food in and it comes out fried. However, what most people dont know is that they already have a air fryer at home. The toaster oven. The main difference is that most Toaster Oven does […]

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Best Japanese Curry Roux Cubes

While Curry might be known as Indian food, my favorite is actually Japanese Curry. This dish is not really popular in America, but its eaten almost daily in Japan. You can find Japanese Curry Restaurant in Both Japan and Korea. There is some mysticism on how its made. Luckily, this […]

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Best Way to Cook Bacon

If its one thing that America is known for, its bacon. The aroma, the taste and the texture, this miracle elevate any dish to the next level. However, most people cook bacon wrong. They either over cook it or under cook it. Thanks to the fact that it curls up, […]

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Best Japanese Cookware, Appliances and Gadgets

One of the best thing you can experience in Japan is the food. Tokyo itself has the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurant in anywhere in the world. However, just getting to Japan can be quite expensive. Making the food yourself is one way to experience it. While some stuff […]

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Best Chiffon Cake Pan

Chiffon Cake are a lighter and more airy alternative to the traditional sponge cake. They use plain vegetable oil than traditional butter. However, because of this, making Chiffon Cakes are a little different. While you can use a regular cake pan, results are usually not as good. Chiffon Cake Pan […]

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Best Blade Coffee Grinder

The Best way to get fresh and great tasting coffee is to grind your coffee. While Pre Ground coffee is convienent, they lose their flavor. The longer it sits after grinding, the less flavor it has. Using a coffee grinder is one of the best way to combat staleness. While […]

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Best Cast Iron Brush for Grills and Griddles

Cast iron are one of America’s most favorite cookware. They are affordable and their nonstick coating is nontoxic. However, one downside to cast iron is cleaning. If you use a regular soap and sponge, you risk ruining the seasoning. Some Cast Iron Grills even have ridges that make it even […]

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