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Best Blade Coffee Grinder

The Best way to get fresh and great tasting coffee is to grind your coffee. While Pre Ground coffee is convienent, they lose their flavor. The longer it sits after grinding, the less flavor it has. Using a coffee grinder is one of the best way to combat staleness. While some coffee nerd might argue that blade coffee grinder are no good. I say that Blade Coffee Grinder is a great way to start making good coffee. The Best Blade Coffee Grinder can still produce powdery and even grinds for good coffee.

Should you grind your own Coffee?

Yes and Yes. After coffee is grounded, the exterior start oxidizing. That is what makes food stale and taste off. Full Bean coffee has less oxidization because only the surface is oxidize. When you grind it, you still get fairly fresh coffee. For the best experience, you can start roasting your own coffee. However, that is impractical for most people.

Blade Coffee Grinder vs Burr

Blade Coffee Grinder uses a simple blade to grind and pulverize the coffee bean. However, the issue is that often time, if you want a semi ground coffee, you will get uneven results. This leads to uneven extraction and odd flavor when you brew coffee.

Burr Grinder uses a two piece grinder that mill coffee together. The end result is a lot more even grind consistency. There are a few different style of burr grinder, but they share one thing, they’re expensive. Most cost at least 5 – 10 times a typical burr grinder. For this reason, if you are trying to improve your coffee, I recommend starting off with a Blade Grinder. If you find that you like the result, then consider upgrading your grinder.

Grind Consistency

While most blade grinder do a lousy job doing semi ground coffee. They do an excellent job at powder coffee. Since all you need to do is pulverize it as fine as possible, eventually, most grinds will be at the same consistency. This make them the excellent tool for Drip Coffee.

For things like espresso, I would avoid it. It cant get the grinds fine enough to get a good extraction.

How to use a Blade Coffee Grinder

The exact instruction will vary based on the grinder. But general instructions include the following. Load the bean into the hopper. Cover it and depress the grind button. While it is grinding, lift the grinder and shake. Shaking the grinder ensure that the blade hits all the bean. Continue to do so until the right consistency.

Other Uses

Aside from grinding coffee bean, its great for spices. In fact, I would argue that its much better than a standard pestle and mortar. Its quick and effective at extracting all the flavor out of it. However, I wouldn’t mix the coffee with the spice. You might find your coffee with a hint of cumin. Good if you want to experiment though.

Best Blade Coffee Grinder List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Blade Coffee Grinder. They have some slight variation between manufacturer, but the good thing is that they mostly all work.

KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder (Best Overall)

For a well build and effective blade grinder, than buy Kitchenaid. The button is large and easy to depress. The bowl holds approximately 4 oz of beans, more than enough for 4 – 12 cups of coffee. Then inside has marking so you can easily measure it.

Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric

For a slight alternative, mueller is a good alternative. It has a white plastic body, a good alternative to the cold stainless steel body. The only thing I dont like is how small the grind button is. You have to fumble a bit to get it to grind.

Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder (Best Buy)

For a affordable alternative, then Mr Coffee has what you need. The plastic feels a little cheap, but it does its job. Much like the Mueller, the button is tiny and you do need to fidget with it. It can grind up to 4-12 cup of coffee much like the other models.


There are many blade coffee grinder available. They all work very well, my favorite is the Kitchenaid blade grinder. The metal body makes it feel well built and the button is large. Its easy to press and hold down. However, if you just want to test out the blade grinder, than the one by Mr. Coffee is a good choice. Button is small though, but it works.

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