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Best Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Who doesnt love pizza, its portable, delicious and good to eat hot or cold. However, going to a pizza place all the time can get expensive. Besides, sometimes we just want to have our own customized pizza. But the one thing that sets us apart from the pizza shop is […]

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Best Mauviel Copper Cookware

Mauviel is one of the oldest and largest French manufacturer of Copper Cookware. Their cookware is considered to be some of the best in the industry. You can even find some cookware that is over a hundred years old. Their traditional line of cookware uses tin lining with pure copper. […]

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Best Aluminum Pans for Baking and Cooking

Aluminum is one of the most common metal used in Cookware. They are light, cheap and effective. Its actually one of the best affordable heat conducting metal on the market. Much better than cast iron and stainless steel. However, the downside to pure aluminum pans is that they are reactive. […]

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Best Shallow Frying Pan

Fried food are amazing, they are crispy and carries a burst of flavor. However, using a whole gallon of oil is not always ideal. Nor is bringing out the Dutch Oven. The good thing is that you can get a Shallow Frying Pan. Most Shallow Frying Pan are essentially a […]

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Best Granite Stone Cookware Brands

Teflon is old news, now Granite Stone Cookware are all the range. The bumpy texture is touted as healthier and just as effective. However, this is mostly due to marketing. What most people dont know is that Stone Cookware is just another variation of Ceramic Non Stick. They have the […]

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Best Cocotte for Stews, Breads and More

A Cocotte is a French Term for Dutch Oven. Cocotte can be used in many application such as baking breads, stews and more. Traditional Cocotte were used over a open fire. Coals would be placed over it to produce a oven like event. This lets people bake bread where oven […]

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Safest Non Stick Pan

One of the most difficult things about cooking is sticking. Lift it too early and the food will tear. Lift it too late and it will burn. Having a good nonstick pan will fix all of that. You can move, flip or turn it without much worry. The problem with […]

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Best Grill Tray Pan

Nothing is better than a traditional all american bbq. The smoke the aroma and the flavor, it brings all our senses together. However, grilling it properly requires a lot of work. One good alternative is to do it indoor with a specialized grill pan. The Best Grill Tray Pan give […]

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Best Fish Frying Pan

Cooking fish can be daunting. The flesh is delicate and easily overcooked. Not only that, any sort of sticking will destroy the skin. Using the right fish fry pan can make all the difference. They let you cook fish without destroying it and your dinner. The Best Fish Frying Pan […]

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Best Ceramic Bakeware

Baking is amazing, its hands off and turns out delicious food without much work. All you need to do is prep the ingredients and layer it. Once done, all you need to do is pop it in the oven. However, a good set of ceramic bakeware can make all the […]

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