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Best Oyakodon Pan aka Oyako Pan

Oyakodon is a famous Japanese dish originating in Tamahid in 1891. What makes it so famous is the sweet and savory egg topping. Usually consisting of eggs, chicken, onion and a sweet broth. A good Oyakodon is freshly prepared right before serving. Doing it in one fell swoop is critical. […]

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Best Yukihira Saucepan

Yukihira Saucepan are the most commonly used pots in Japan. They are used in a variety of situation from simmering soup to cooking noodles. The design is simple yet beautiful. With hammered sides to improve structural integrity and a wooden handle to keep it cool. However, in the states, these […]

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Best Quiche Pan

Quiche is one of the best pastry to eat. It is the perfect combination of taste, texture and flavor. The flake and buttery texture of the pastry goes well with the egg mixture. However, using the wrong quiche pan can easily ruin your dish. Considering how long it takes to […]

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Best Korean BBQ Grill

Korean BBQ is one of the most loved BBQ in the world. From the All you can eat buffet, to the high end grills, we simply cant get enough. Luckily, with a Korean BBQ Grill, you can bring that same flavor to your home. However, there are some limitation that […]

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Best Karahi Pan

A Karahi Pan is a wok like pan used in indian and middle eastern cooking. It is a two loop pan with a higher sides. They are often used for curry, stews and individual serving. In the states, these type of cookware is pretty rare. Most stores do not even […]

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Best Thermal Cooker

Modern day Thermal Cooker are a relatively new invention. They first made their appearance in the 90’s. It was a way to slow cook food without the use of electricity or low fire. Because of the prevalence in stewed cuisine in Asian culture, it is mostly sold in those regions. […]

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Best Oven Safe Skillet

A common technique in cooking is sear on the stove and finish the oven. Therefore a Oven Safe skillet is a important tool to have. However, you cannot stick any pan into the oven. If you put a nonstick pan with a plastic handle in the oven, you can risk […]

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Best 9 x 13 Baking Pan

A 9 x 13 Baking Pan is a great all purpose baking pan. You can make lasagna, casseroles, pasta, gratin and more. If you intend to use a oven on a daily basis, a 9 x 13 Baking Pan is a necessity. However, there are quite a bit of variation […]

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Best Bean Pot

In New England, beans are one of the most cherished dish. Most notably is the dish Boston Baked Bean that wins most people heart. They cook the dish in a iconic ceramic bean pot and simmers in the oven for hours. The pot is designed to minimized moisture evaporation and […]

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Best Large Frying Pan

Large Frying Pans are 12 inch in diameter and above. They are great if you need to feed a family of 3 plus. They leave more room to sear food and prevent food from steaming. However, there are many different options on the market. The type of skillet that you […]

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