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T-fal Natura Titanium Nonstick Review

T-fal Natura is the new nonstick on the block. Instead of Teflon that T-Fal is known for, they have now incorporated the granite nonstick coating. It uses a ceramic base design that is PFOA free and supposedly more healthy than traditional Teflon. Nonstick coating aside, perhaps the best thing about […]

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Best Non Stick Pan for High Heat

Non Stick Pan revolutionized the cookware industry. Food that is normally difficult to cook is now a breeze. However, the problem with nonstick pans is that they dont do well with high heat. Most nonstick pans are flimsy, light and thin. If you drop food in it, the pan will […]

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Best Granite Rock Frying Pan

Granite Rock Pan are the new cookware on the block. They advertise themselves as healthy, safe and nonstick. These pan have a rocky finish with a ceramic based nonstick. Compare to the standard nonstick pan, most of these cookware are casted. As a result, the metal is thicker letting it […]

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How to Clean a Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven is one of the most popular tools in the Kitchen. They are great for stews, deep frying and even baking. However, one of the worst thing about dutch oven is cleaning. Depending on the type you have, there are different cleaning method. Enamel Cast Iron for example will […]

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Best Stainless Steel Saucepan

The Saucepan, its next to the frying pan as the most used tool in the kitchen. Its primary task is to heat up liquid. They come in many different sizes and configuration. You can find them priced from 20 to the hundreds. Because of this, its daunting for most home […]

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Best Frittata Pan

Frittata are a combination of egg, vegetables and meats. Its a complete meal in one. Its no wonder that its so loved. However, the hardest thing about making Frittata is the all famous flip. Do it wrong and you ruin the shape. Only skilled chef are able to make perfect […]

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Copper Chef Titan Pan Review

The Copper Chef Titan Pan has been picking up a lot of attention recently. It has the benefit of a fully cladded cookware with a durable and revolutionary nonstick coating. Its touted to be infused with diamond, nonstick, non scratch and dishwasher safe. Normally, I would dismiss this as another […]

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Best Type of Pan for your Home Kitchen

There are many different type of pans on the market. Frying pan, saute pan, omelette pan, nonstick pan, rondeau pan and more. They share a lot of similarities and difference. However, these pans specializes in different task. The frying pan is better for searing food, while the saute pan is […]

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Best Small Dutch Oven

Dutch Ovens are versatile tools. They are great for stewing, deep frying and even baking. However, they are big and heavy. Sometimes we just need something just big enough for one. Thankfully, manufacturer have thought of this and manufacture a range of Small Dutch Oven. They are designed for the […]

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