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Best Glass Cookware – Dangerous or Amazing?

Glass is used in many home appliance. It adds clarity and looks great on many surfaces. However, what might surprise people is that they use to be used as cookware. Vision use to make a set of pots and pan that can be used directly on the stove. Today, there are still some French brand that make similar products. But if you look closer into glass cookware, you will find that its not really that desirable and can be dangerous.

What is Glass Cookware?

Glass Cookware are pots and pans that is made entirely of glass. Most of these cookware are fire safe and used directly on the stove. While this might seem counter intuitive, glass is very common in a laboratory setting. The reason why it can withstand fire is because they use borosilicate glass. These glass are specifically designed withstand rapid temperature changes.

Today, Lime Glass are more common. They are used in both measure cups and bakeware. The good thing is that some company like OXO still make bake ware using borosillicate glass.

Dangers of Glass Cookware

Glass is fragile. Lets face it, if you smash it against a hard object, it can shatter. What makes it even more scary is its tendency to crack/explode. This usually occur when they are subjected to thermal shock. Which is a rapid change in temperature. For example, placing a hot pan on a cold table will usually cause it to crack.

Borosilicate glass is more resistant to thermal shock. However, its not impervious. Lime Glass which is used by major glass manufacturer is very susceptible to thermal shock. If youre not careful, it will crack and explode.

Is it good for Cooking?

Thats the funny thing about glass cookware, they’re not. Glass is a poor conductor of heat. They take forever to heat up and they’re heavy. Compared to metal, which is ductile and durable, they have subpar performance. If you heat up flower and compare it with a aluminum pan with a glass pan, the Aluminum will win hands down. Glass is also not great for searing food. You are better off with a cast iron pan for that.

Metal Utensils

As stated before, glass is fragile and metal is harder than glass. If you run a knife or use a metal spatula, you risk scraping it. The last thing you want to do is eat glass. Use a plastic or wooden spatula to prevent damage to it and youreself.

So Why Use It?

I cant help you there, but people love it regardless. The only good reason why you should use glass cookware is watching food as it cooks. All those chemical reaction is just fascinating to watch. When you make stew, you can see water boil and food change right before your eyes. In my opinion, thats quality entertainment right there.

How to Clean?

You can clean it as you would other pan. Simple soap and sponge combo will work great. Most glass cookware is also dishwasher safe so you can just pop it there.

Best Glass Cookware List

The option for Glass Cookware is pretty much limited. If you can find those old vision cookware, those are best. But for new option, go for Luminarc.

Luminarc Vitro Blooming Heat-resistant Glass Cooking Pot (Best Overall)

Luminarc is one of the few French brand that makes cookware that makes glass product. In fact, they were the only one who makes them. In their series, I recommend getting the dutch oven or sauce pan. These models requires heating performance and watching it boil stews is most interesting. Not so much with the frying pan.


Glass Cookware is a interesting one. There are a lot if disadvantage to them. However, people like it for some reason. If you are looking for a good one, Luminarc is one of the only manufacturer that make them. Out of the series, get one that makes stew. Those pots require minimal heating performance and you wont notice that much of a downgrade.

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