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Hexclad Cookware Reviews

Hexclad Cookware is a relatively new cookware company with a unique nonstick coating. They have advertisement plastered all throughout social media. It features a guy who uses things such as blenders and knife right on the pan. Supposedly this new and unique hexclad design allows you to abuse the pan […]

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Cooking For One on a Budget

Cooking For One on a Budget can be difficult. You can’t cook too much or else it will go bad. Buying too much will also make food spoil. Then there is time, all the time wasted cooking. Soon you start thinking that eating out would be much more economical. Or […]

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Pioneer Woman Cookware Set Review

Pioneer Woman Cookware Set is it any good? Pioneer woman got her start as a food blogger. As her fame grew, so did her products. Now her cookware is one of the most popular sets in America. However, usually these celebrity usually endorse or make horrible cookware. Some exceptions do […]

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Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel Cookware

Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel Cookware, is there any difference? While they perform pretty much the same, the weight and composition affects how quickly they heat up. The biggest difference that the average user will notice is how much lighter carbon steel is. Compared to cast iron, you can expect […]

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Best Cheap Pots and Pans Set

The Best Cheap Pots and Pans Set can actually rival that of Le Creuset. While most people correlate price to quality, that is not true for cookware. Restaurant professional often time use the cheapest cookware available. However, what is true is that the fit and finish is very different. What […]

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Staub Tea Kettle Review

Staub Tea Kettle is a heavy duty cast iron kettle that stays and looks gorgeous at the same time. The appearance is certainly unique among kettles. Instead of a flat bottom and dome top. It looks like a miniature house with a relatively small base. Its beautiful enamel coating gives […]

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Staub Crepe Pan Review

What better way to make Crepes than with Staub Crepe Pan. It has low sides and comes with a batter spreader. It uses a heavy cast iron construction that will hold its heat well. The handle is also wooden so that it stays cool to the touch. However, the name […]

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What Cookware is Best?

What Cookware is Best? While a lot of people love buying cookware sets, I argue that putting your own cookware set is better. Although some brands are be better than others. What I find is that even though they might produce a good frying pan, their sauce pot might not […]

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Best Bacon Grease Container

Fat from products such as duck, pork and bacon are Chef Secret. Whether its for frying eggs, pancakes or even making confit, it is crucial that you preserve the fat. They add flavor and can transform your dish. If used in moderation, they wont cause any ill health effect. While […]

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Why is Le Creuset so Expensive?

Le Creuset Doufeu

Why is Le Creuset so Expensive? The answer to this is pretty long winded. Le Creuset is actually a relatively new company. Le Creuset was started in 1925 by two Belgium men. One was a enamel specialist and the other was a casting specialist. They used their combined knowledge to […]

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