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Best Electric Wok, Induction Heating vs Electric

Woks are rising in popularity, they are great for stir frys, steaming and even deep frying. However, not everyone have access to a stove. Luckily, manufacturer have thought of a solution, a electric wok! However, the thing is, most electric wok dont really work that well. They’re not durable and […]

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Best Heart Shaped Cake Pan and More

Valentine day is almost here and what better way to show love than with heart shaped food. You can either fry beaten eggs or bake a pizza. However, I recommend baking cakes and brownies for the best result. They give you the most artistic freedom when decorating. Not only that, […]

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Best Crepe Pan

Crepes are French Style Pancakes. Instead of thick and fluffy, it is thin and often stuffed with fruits. The technique and equipment needed to make crepe are a little bit different than your standard pancake. With crepes, you need a spreader to make it thin and uniform. The Best Crepe […]

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Best Tea Brewer Pot and Infuser

Even though Coffee is the beverage of choice in America, Tea is steadily gaining in popularity. It has less caffeine and comes in quite a bit more flavor. Best of all, they taste good no matter what temperature they’re at. However, since its rarely drank, most people do not even […]

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Best Pot and Pan Protector

While pots and pans are some of my favorite things, they take up a lot of space. One way to reduce the amount of counter space is by stacking them. However, this often leads to nicks and scratches. While pans like Stainless Steel might come out ok, teflon and glass […]

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Best Ladle Spoon for Soups, Stews and More

A ladle spoon is an essential kitchen tool for pouring and serving soups and stews. However, this essential tool is often times overlook due to how basic it is. There are many different type of material and shape that goes into a spoon. Things like metal vs plastic or pouring […]

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Best Roasting Pan with Rack for Turkey

When the holidays are coming and bird is on the menu, you need a roasting pan. However, a standard roasting pan just wont cut it. If you let it sit, the bottom will get soggy and lack any sort of flavor. A roasting pan with rack will give your chicken […]

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Best Kitchen and Culinary Torch

A Kitchen and Culinary Torch is a Buntane or Propane Torch designed for the Kitchen. When I say designed, its just smaller but advertised for the kitchen. They share all the same features as a butane/prpane torch, and work pretty much the same. In fact, our winning Best Kitchen and […]

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Best Takoyaki Pan

In Oasaka Japan, one of the most popular dish they have is known as Takoyaki. It is a round batter ball filled with tiny octopus pieces. When cooked right, it will have a crispy exterior with a soft and gooey interior. However, to achieve these results, you need the right […]

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