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Best Stock Pot

All Great Dishes start with stock. A good stock can make the difference from a extraodinary dish to a bland dish. Its the base of soups and sauces and its a chef secret. However, most people arent even aware of how significant it is. Luckily, you can make your own […]

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Best Universal Lid for Pots and Pans

Lids are one of the most important companion to your pan. They can prevent oil splatter and accelerate the cooking time. However, a lot of time manufacturer either dont include a lid or your simply just lost it. A good solution to this problem is to simply buy a universal […]

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Best Balti Dish

Balti is a popular Indian and Pakistan food. In the past 20 or 30 years, there have been a number of restaurant specializing in Balti food. These restaurant are known as Balti House. However, in the states, the food is still relatively unknown. One way to experience this without booking […]

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Best Nakiri Bocho Knife – The Vegetable Knife

The Nakiri Bocho Knife is a Japanese Vegetable Cleaver. Designed to be lightweight and nimble, it was the predecessor to the all so popular Santoku. The smaller blade makes it easier to use than your standard chef knife. And its flat broad like design making it an effective tool for […]

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Best Blade Coffee Grinder

The Best way to get fresh and great tasting coffee is to grind your coffee. While Pre Ground coffee is convienent, they lose their flavor. The longer it sits after grinding, the less flavor it has. Using a coffee grinder is one of the best way to combat staleness. While […]

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Best Cast Iron Brush for Grills and Griddles

Cast iron are one of America’s most favorite cookware. They are affordable and their nonstick coating is nontoxic. However, one downside to cast iron is cleaning. If you use a regular soap and sponge, you risk ruining the seasoning. Some Cast Iron Grills even have ridges that make it even […]

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Best Fish Poacher

Fish is one of the Healthiest food you can eat. They are lean in fat and dont leave you filling bloated. The little fat they have are healthy omega 3 fatty acid. Best of all, eating fish reduce your environmental impact. There are many ways you can cook egg, from […]

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Best Electric Wok, Induction Heating vs Electric

Woks are rising in popularity, they are great for stir frys, steaming and even deep frying. However, not everyone have access to a stove. Luckily, manufacturer have thought of a solution, a electric wok! However, the thing is, most electric wok dont really work that well. They’re not durable and […]

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Best Heart Shaped Cake Pan and More

Valentine day is almost here and what better way to show love than with heart shaped food. You can either fry beaten eggs or bake a pizza. However, I recommend baking cakes and brownies for the best result. They give you the most artistic freedom when decorating. Not only that, […]

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