Smeg Coffee Grinder Review

Smeg specializes in retro style kitchen appliance. It has a sleek 50’s design with a modern twist. However, this style comes at a price, a hefty one at that. Most of Smeg appliances can cost 200 dollar plus. But the question is, hows the performance? Even though it looks nice, […]

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Best Kitchenaid Coffee Grinder Review

Many of us cant get through the day without coffee. The smell, the armoa and the taste wakes us up. However, to get good coffee, you need freshly ground coffee. Buying whole beans as opposed to preground coffee is the way to go. Kitchenaid, best known for their mixer has […]

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Best Cezve the Turkish Coffee Pot

A Cezve or a Turkish Coffee Pot are special vessel designed to make Turkish coffee. Instead of dripping hot water over a filter. Turkish Coffee is made by repeatedly blooming coffee grinds in water. These Cezve are typically put in hot sand pits to get this effect. However, you can […]

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Best Stovetop Espresso Maker aka Moka Pot

A Stovetop Espresso Maker or Moka Pot is a affordable way to get espresso like coffee without the machine. However, most people dont realize that the coffee isn’t quite the same. Both work under the same principle, apply pressure through the coffee grind to get a strong brew. Unfortunately, the […]

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