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Smeg Coffee Grinder Review

Smeg specializes in retro style kitchen appliance. It has a sleek 50’s design with a modern twist. However, this style comes at a price, a hefty one at that. Most of Smeg appliances can cost 200 dollar plus. But the question is, hows the performance? Even though it looks nice, that does not mean it performs well. This review will take a closer look at Smeg Coffee Grinder. Compared to other coffee grinder in its class, is it any good?

Its all in the Grind

Any Coffee lover will tell you that the grind of the coffee is important. By having a consistent and even grind, coffee will be extracted at the same rate. With different size grinds, you get uneven and muddy tasty coffee. It can range from sour to bitter. Having a good coffee grinder will fix a lot of the issues.

Most people use a blade type of grinder. Those grinder uses a blade to pulverize the beans. However, the end results are usually inconsistent and best suited for drip coffee. The better design are those with a burr grinder. They have two blades that sit on top of each other. By changing the distance, you change how fine or coarse the grind is. Usually, the results from burr grinder are the best.

The type of burr used will also affect the results of the coffee. Not all are created equal and some are definitely better than other. Sadly, Smeg offers no real insight on the type of burr that they use in their coffee grinder.

Grind Setting

On Smeg Coffee Grinder, you have 30 adjustable setting for coffee grinds. While this might seem good, the range is a bit small. Some better models actually have grind settings of around 50. Not only that, this design is supposed to be a all purpose grinder. From espresso to drip coffee. My opinion is that Smeg Coffee Grinder is best for drip coffee. It simply does not get fine enough for true espresso. While you can use it for their machine, I would avoid it for better built espresso machine.

How to Use Smeg Coffee Grinder

Using Smeg Coffee Grinder is pretty simple. You adjust the grind setting on the top. Use the ball handle and turn it to the appropriate setting. Remember, if there is beans in the hopper, you might have trouble adjusting it to be finer. The reverse is not true. With the knob, you can change it from single or double shot. Double Shot is for those who really like strong espresso.

After grinder, empty the grinds from the basket and use. Its a pretty simple machine and very much like other coffee grinder.

Be aware, that this coffee grinder is noisy. Not something you want to hear in the morning.

Is Smeg Coffee Grinder Worth It?

For me, no. I think there are much better coffee grinder in this price range. Models like the Rancillio Rocky offers much better performance and its made in Italy. It lacks the looks of Smeg though. Color choice are also a bit limited. With Smeg, you get white, red teal and more. It looks like something you get from a car.

Not all is bad with Smeg, if you only drink drip coffee, its more than suited to do the job. I would just avoid it for espresso. When it comes down to it, all you really need is good coffee. Unless you just want to decorate your kitchen…which I do.

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2 Comments on “Smeg Coffee Grinder Review

S. Emery
November 18, 2021 at 9:01 pm

I also find it isn’t the best grind for espresso. I was disappointed to find even using a pressurized double wall basket the performance was weak and runny

stephen bartram
March 5, 2023 at 4:35 am

Wish i had read your review before others , the machine is useless for espresso.


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