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Common Kitchen Gadgets

Best Mini Griddle

Cooking is a great way to eat healthy and save money. However, stoves are not always readily accesible. Electric griddles are great alternative but sometimes they are pretty big. A good alternative is a mini griddle. They fit compactly on the table and they are portable. The Best Mini Griddle […]

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Best Electric Potato Peeler

Did you know that American love eating vegetable? While it might be a shock to most, Potatoes are actually a vegetables. We eat it smashed, Baked, Fried and stewed. However, one of the most annoying thing is its skin. Peeling it can take 5 minutes each. If you have a […]

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Best Glass Measuring Cup

Cooking is a science. I know some might argue that it is an art, but if you want consistent result, than treat it like a science. To do this, you need to start with your measurement. Having accurate measurement will ensure your food taste the same each time. To do […]

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Best Egg Cup Holder

Eggs are some of my favorite food. You can eat it scrambled, fried and boiled. But for those of us who like it parboiled, we need a egg cup holder. Unlike a fully boiled egg, parboiled egg has a runny yolk. By using a a egg cup holder we can […]

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Best Japanese Rice Cooker

Cooking rice is hard, at least for me it is. You measure water, then let it sit over a stove. If everything goes right, then you have rice. But the problem is that nothing ever goes right. You always end up with burnt or soggy rice. Having a rice cooker […]

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Induction Cooktop vs Electric vs Gas

Fire is the oldest way to cook food. Its instant heat and powerful. However, modern technology has allowed for alternative ways of cooking. Electric and Induction are popular choices when a gas line is not available. But these alternative has issues. The main problems that they have is power. Depending […]

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Best Panini Maker and Grill

Few sandwiches are as infamous as the Panini. Its beautiful grill mark and melting interior, gives the sandwich another depth of flavor. For most people, the Panini is only accessible in the restaurant. Thankfully, you can make your own with a Panini Maker and Grill. Its a simple pan with […]

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Best Microwave Plate Cover

The Microwave is a revolutionary piece of technology. It makes food hot in mere minutes. However, the problem with microwaves is that it makes a mess. As the steam expands, it explodes and splatter all over the place. As a result, you spend more time cleaning than cooking. But there […]

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Best Oil Dispenser Bottle for the Kitchen

Oil is a key aspect in cooking. It adds flavor, helps in browning and prevents food from sticking. However, one thing that people struggle with is dispensing. Some recipe calls for a table spoon other ask for a tea spoon. What you should really do is add as much as […]

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