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Common Kitchen Gadgets

Best Pot and Pan Protector

While pots and pans are some of my favorite things, they take up a lot of space. One way to reduce the amount of counter space is by stacking them. However, this often leads to nicks and scratches. While pans like Stainless Steel might come out ok, teflon and glass […]

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Best Kitchen and Culinary Torch

A Kitchen and Culinary Torch is a Buntane or Propane Torch designed for the Kitchen. When I say designed, its just smaller but advertised for the kitchen. They share all the same features as a butane/prpane torch, and work pretty much the same. In fact, our winning Best Kitchen and […]

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Best Air Fryer with Rotisserie Oven

Air Fryer are one of the best new kitchen appliance. They can fry food without adding all the extra fat. However, it still fails at making rotisserie quality food. If you try sticking a whole chicken in it, the bottom will still come out soggy. Luckily, manufacturer have found a […]

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Best Madeleine Cookie Pan and Molds

Madeleine are beautiful French Sponge cake shaped like a Shell. The exterior has a slight crust with a creamy and sweet exterior. However to make them, you need a special Madeleine Cookie Pan or mold. There are several variety of these pan ranging from tin to carbon steel. Each has […]

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Best Taco Holder Rack

I personally believe that tacos are some of the best food in the world. There are hard shell and soft shell tacos, both are delicious and both are messy. Building it can be a nightmare with a single plate. Its takes up a lot of room and you can barely […]

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Best Mooncake Mold

Mooncake or Yue Bing (月餅) is a desert that eaten during the Mid Autumn Festival (中秋節). Weeks prior to the festival, you can often see it for sale. Often time it will cost around 20 dollar and more for a box of 4. However, outside of these sales date, you […]

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Best Rice Dispenser

A rice dispenser is a great way to organize and store your food. No longer will you have half full sacks of rice or large jars of rice. They use a rectangular shape to keep thing small and compact. These rice dispenser also dispense rice that is sealed off from […]

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Best Rice Noodle Maker Machine

If you love Chinese food but dont have a shop near you, consider making it at home. Some of the most popular dish in Chinese cuisine uses rice noodle. They can be used to make Fried Noodle or Rice Noodle Rolls. However, in order to make these, you need to […]

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Best Commercial and Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer

A Mandoline is designed to slice and julienne fruits and vegetable in no time. It is one of the most used tool in a professional kitchen. However, it wasn’t until recently that these slicer started to make their way to the home kitchen. Ever since then, marketer has been flooding […]

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