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Best Induction Burner Cooktop

Perhaps the one thing more important than a pan is the burner. A powerful and even heating burner can make all the difference. Traditional burner uses gas and generate fire. They are still consider the go to choice. However, electric burner are more convenient and compact. You can use it […]

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Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Gooseneck Kettle are the go to choice for coffee lovers. They let you control the flow of water for pour over coffee. This simple design lets you saturate coffee at the rate you desire. However, most gooseneck kettle requires a stove. Having a electric Gooseneck Kettle solves that issue. This […]

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Best Ninja Air Fryer Review

Air Fryer are changing how we cook. Its a healthy alternative to traditional deep fry. Instead of using oil, it uses hot air to crisp up the food. However, thanks to its popularity, that means there are a lot of competition. Perhaps one of the most popular are the ones […]

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Best Oster Rice Cooker Review

In Asia, rice is eaten daily. It goes with a wide variety of dishes. However, in the states, you will be lucky to eat it once a month. Methods of cooking rice usually involve a pot with a tight fitting lid. If you get the timing or ration wrong, the […]

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Best Electric Hot Plate for Cooking

Hot Plates are electric burners designed to heat up pans. They offer portability and convenience from a traditional stove. While the performance might not be as good as gas stoves, they are the best alternative. There are some things to consider when buying a hot plate, size wattage, and even […]

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Best Electric Fondue Pot

Fondues are traditionally eaten around a open flame. They heat up a pot of cheese or chocolate and everyone helps themselves. However, using open flames are not always ideal. You have to deal with fuel, other time its just not strong enough. A good alternative are electric models. You can […]

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Best Electric Crepe Makers

Crepes are the French version of Pancake. Instead of thick and fluffy, Crepes are paper thin and stuffed with a wide assortment of fruits and other confectionery. However, making crepes are not that simple. Do it wrong and the texture will be thick and tough. Making perfectly thin crepe is […]

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Best Small Rice Cooker

In America, rice is rarely eaten. However, in the Asian household, its eaten daily. We all have some sort of rice cooker. Rarely is it ever cooked on the stove top. They take away all the guess work and you get perfect rice each time. There are a few different […]

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Best Egg Ring Mold for Cooking

We all love Egg McMuffin. However, making a perfectly round egg like those in McDonalds can be difficult. Without the right tools, its almost impossible. Thankfully there are a lot of affordable tools online. They help keep the eggs perfectly round and give you that iconic egg white look. However, […]

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