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Best Oil Dispenser Bottle for the Kitchen

Oil is a key aspect in cooking. It adds flavor, helps in browning and prevents food from sticking. However, one thing that people struggle with is dispensing. Some recipe calls for a table spoon other ask for a tea spoon. What you should really do is add as much as needed. The best way to learn is to use a Oil Dispenser Bottle. Having the right bottle can make all the difference. While glass and ceramic bottle might look good, the Best Oil Dispenser Bottle are those cheap plastic one. You can easily control the oil flow and its affordable.

What does a Oil Dispenser do?

The main purpose of a Oil Dispenser Bottle is to dispense oil. These bottles comes in many different materials such as copper, ceramic, stainless steel and even plastic. The problem with the rigid bottle is that when you pour, it creates a vacuum. This causes a glugging effect and makes pouring difficult. To counter this, manufacturer will put a air spout so that oil can flow more freely.

Aside from dispensing oil, it also serves as a container. For certain oil like Olive Oil, the container should be dark or block light out. This way light cant degrade the oil and reduce its lifespan. For Olive Oil, dark green bottles are preferred so that you can see how much oil is left. You can also see if anything is going wrong. I recommend against using clear bottles for olive oil.

How to Use Oil Dispenser?

Perhaps one of the worse thing about a oil dispenser is the flow of oil. With most bottles, the only way you can control the flow is with your thumbs. While it is effective, our hands contains bacteria. By using your thumb, it will contaminate the oil. This will makes the oil go rancid quicker. If you can, try to avoid doing anything that will introduce foreign containment.

The plastic oil dispenser are actually better. While its not as pretty, you can easily control the flow. If you tilt it, oil flow is slow. But by squeezing it, you can make oil flow quickly. This gives you the best of both world. You have the option of both slow and fast. My biggest issue with the plastic bottles is cleaning. It can take on the smell of oil. Not only that, the container is a bit more difficult to clean. Thankfully, it can still be done with soap and sponge.

How to Clean a Oil Dispenser Bottle

To clean the bottle, begin by emptying the bottle. Then, get some dish soap and put it in with some water and shake. Grab the sponge and clean the exterior. After that, start by rinsing both the inside and outside. Repeat as necessary to get rid of all the excess soap. After the soap has been clean, invert the bottle on a rack and let it air dry.

Some bottles are dish washer safe, most are not. I do not recommend using the dish washer.

Spray Bottles for Oil and Olive Oil Mister

These bottles are neat for adding a touch of oil. It gives food a sheen and you can add a bit of flavor to your salad. However, I would not use these mister or sprayer as a oil dispenser. Its simply too light and you will spend all day spraying.

Best Oil Dispenser Bottle for the Kitchen List

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Oil Dispenser Bottle for the Kitchen. There are a few option available, choose one that best suits you.

OXO Good Grips Chef’s Squeeze Bottle Set

OXO is one of the largest manufacturer of Kitchen Gadget. It uses a simple plastic container that can be squeezed. The main benefit that it has over standard container is the cover. With the cover, it can prevent any foreign containment from getting in. The tip also has a pivoting tip so that you cant loose it. With the set, you get a 16 and 12 oz bottle.

New Star Foodservice 26269 Squeeze Bottles Plastic, Wide Mouth with Caps, 32 oz (Best Buy)

These squeeze bottle by professional kitchen around the world. They are cheap and effective and great at squeezing oil. This model has a little tip cap. While its not as good as the OXO model, its still really good. The price is more affordable and you can use it for many different type of oil. Not only that, these bottles are bigger so that you spend less time refilling.

Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle – 500ml (Best for Olive Oil)

For Olive Oil, those clear plastic bottles arent great. You should get a dark colored one to stop light from getting in. This help preserver the flavor of oil and prevent it from degrading. The spout has two spout so that oil can flow freely. Theres even a tiny funnel so that its easier to pour.

OXO Good Grips 12 oz Precision Pour Glass Oil Dispenser (Best Glass Oil Dispenser)

OXO is back with their glass dispenser. Theres two flow rate depending on how far you tip it. The top is detachable so its easy to clean as well. Another benefit of this is the glass body. Nothing sticks and a simple wash will get rid of most crud.

Le Creuset Stoneware Oil and Vinegar Set (The Prettiest Model)

Lets face it, we base our purchase on appearance. If you want looks, go for Le Creuset. They make it in their iconic colors. I dont really like the stopper, you can find some better after markets one online…


The best oil dispenser bottle for the kitchen is a simple plastic bottle. OXO makes one of the best with the tilting cap. However, the simple plastic bottle used by professional kitchen makes a really good alternative. Its more affordable and bigger and the one that I personally use at home. However, if you plan on getting one for Olive Oil, get a dark green one so that light cant penetrate it. There are other option such as glass or ceramic. Just get one that you like the best.

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