Best Udon and Soba Kiri Knife aka Menkiri

Udon and Soboa Kiri or Menkiri are specialized Japanese knife designed to cut noodles. Its distinct shape lets you cut straight down making even and uniform noodles. The top broad section of the knife can also be used to lift and maneuver noodles. These knives are usually use in conjunction […]

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Best Nakiri Bocho Knife – The Vegetable Knife

The Nakiri Bocho Knife is a Japanese Vegetable Cleaver. Designed to be lightweight and nimble, it was the predecessor to the all so popular Santoku. The smaller blade makes it easier to use than your standard chef knife. And its flat broad like design making it an effective tool for […]

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Best Mezzaluna Knife and Board, The Herb Chopper

Mezzaluna Knife are very unique knives. It is a curved blade with two handles on either side. To chop, you rock it back and forth, letting you cut and mince food in rapid succession. Most people see these knives used in pizza shop, where the pizza maker will cut the […]

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Best Cereal and Soup Spoon

Nothing is better on a cold night then a warm bowl of soup and a cold bowl of cereal on a hot morning. The problem is that standard soup just doesnt cut it. They dont hold a lot of liquid and it generally spill over. Getting a nice weighted spoon […]

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Best Kitchen Knife Brands

Knives are probably one of the most important tools in the Kitchen. However, most people have never even used a knife that isnt from a dollar store. Having personally gone from something that I got from Ikea to a Japanese/German knife was a huge leap in terms of performance and […]

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Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener

When a knife gets dull, most people just throw it away. However, that dull knife can be brought back to factory performance. All you need is a knife sharpener. The problem is that there is just too many out there. From honing rods to whetstone, the average home chef wont […]

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Best Knife Holder, Magnetic Strip and Block

Whats better than two knives? Many knives. However, there is a downside to this, there are knives everywhere. Getting an effective knife holder is key. In my opinion, the best and most useful knife storage is the traditional knife block. But concerns to bacteria and space concerns leads people to […]

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Best Plastic Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives are a essential tool in any kitchen. However, if you have young children or are just inexperienced with knives, plastic knives are a good alternative. While the cheap plastic disposable knives are generally unreliable, the one that you purchase from the store are substantially better. They use thicker […]

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Best Oils for Cutting Boards and Butcher Block

The Best Oils for Cutting Boards is mineral oil. A lot of manufacturer will sell their own brand of oil, but you can get similar effect by just purchasing food grade mineral oil. These oil will lubricate and prevent your cutting board from cracking. Some people even oil their board […]

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Best and Most Expensive Cutting Board

There are a lot of cutting boards on the market. Some are good, others are just plain bad. Good cutting boards protects your knife and has a satisfying tap when you chop on it. Boards made of glass are basically a punishment for your knife. The prices on these boards […]

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