Best Sandwich Cutters and Sealers

Sandwich are great for lunch and even dinner. They’re portable and easy to make. However, one of the worst thing that a sandwich has is the crust. With a Sandwich Cutter and Sealer, you can get rid of the crust and still make a delicious edge. The Best Sandwich Cutters […]

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Best Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

In the Kitchen, having a fine edge makes all the difference. A dull knife makes cutting difficult and more dangerous. However, getting the blade sharp can be difficult for a novice. Not all of us can use a whetstone. In these situation, having a automatic knife sharpener can make all […]

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Best Babish Knife Review

Babish is one youtube biggest Chef. His love of cooking has now moved onto knives. At a glance, his knives look promising. Its affordable, uses German Steel and has a full Tang Construction. But once you take a closer look, its missing a lot of information that other knife company […]

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Best Teak Cutting Board

Cutting Boards are almost a personal thing. Some people prefer plastic some want wood. For wood models, there are many to choose from. While Maples are the preferred choice of cutting board enthusiast, but another wood is coming up, teak. Unlike other wood, its naturally more oily. This means that […]

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Kamikoto Knives Review

Japan is known for many things, perhaps one of their most famous products are their blade. It brings about the imagery of toughness and cutting ability. Because of this, manufacturer have a incentive to capitalize on this imagery. It seems like Kamikoto Knives have done this as well. Kamikoto Knives […]

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Best Knife Roll Bag for the Kitchen

People know of a knife block and the knife strips, but for a traveling Chef, you need a knife roll. Just as the name implies, its a little roller for your knife. This lets you carry a battalion of knife on the road. Over the years, there has been many […]

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Best Asian Knife

Everybody knows of the Chef knife, its the go to knife of a Chef. But what about eastern side of things. In Asia, they use different knives. From the Chinese Butcher knife to the Japanese Santoku. The blade profile and design is vastly different from you standard western knife. To […]

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Best Meat Slicer for Home Use

Ever want deli quality sandwich at home? Then you need a meat slicer. Instead of getting the prepackaged stuff, getting slices of meat cut right when you eat it makes all the difference. Not only that, you save tons of money doing so. You can literally buy smoked turkey for […]

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Best Scissor and Kitchen Shears

Every Chef will tell you that the knife is a cooks best friend. It should be able to cut, dice and open just about anything. However, even though they think that the knife is a do it all tool, there are time where a Kitchen Shear will outperform a knife. […]

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Best Japanese Kitchen Knives Set

The Japanese are known for many things, perhaps one of the best known products are their knives. After the Samurai ban, the demand of the swords start to decline. Having no where else to go, they started manufacturing knives. These knives carry the same craftsmanship as the master blade smith […]

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