Best Asian Knife

Everybody knows of the Chef knife, its the go to knife of a Chef. But what about eastern side of things. In Asia, they use different knives. From the Chinese Butcher knife to the Japanese Santoku. The blade profile and design is vastly different from you standard western knife. To […]

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Best Meat Slicer for Home Use

Ever want deli quality sandwich at home? Then you need a meat slicer. Instead of getting the prepackaged stuff, getting slices of meat cut right when you eat it makes all the difference. Not only that, you save tons of money doing so. You can literally buy smoked turkey for […]

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Best Scissor and Kitchen Shears

Every Chef will tell you that the knife is a cooks best friend. It should be able to cut, dice and open just about anything. However, even though they think that the knife is a do it all tool, there are time where a Kitchen Shear will outperform a knife. […]

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Best Japanese Kitchen Knives Set

The Japanese are known for many things, perhaps one of the best known products are their knives. After the Samurai ban, the demand of the swords start to decline. Having no where else to go, they started manufacturing knives. These knives carry the same craftsmanship as the master blade smith […]

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Best Damascus Chef Knife Set

Damascus is a long lost techniques of adding layers to a knife. It gives it beauty and supposed non stick benefit. Today, damascus knife are only simulated, whether its via acid or other method, they are superficial at best. While it may be superficial, it still produce a beautiful knife. […]

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The Best Clever Cutter Knife and Kitchen Scissor Review

This isnt really the best clever cutter review, but it will give you some insights. This knife/scissor is designed for those who want a safer cutting experience. With its flat blade and easy to use handle, no more unwieldy blade. However, there is a danger that most people overlook. That […]

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Best Bagel Slicer and Cutter

Bagels are amazing, they have a wide variety of flavor such as onion, poppy seed or even plain. However, these breads are thick and dense. Cutting it with a regular nice can be difficult. Thankfully, there are tools that make cutting easier. Some are dedicated cutter such as the Bagel […]

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Best Gyuto Chef Knife

The Chef Knife is one of the most important tool in the Kitchen. If its one knife, you should have in the kitchen, its a chef knife. Western chef knife are curved with a natural belly. This lets you rock chop and cut food. Where as Japanese knife are usually […]

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Best Ceramic Knife Set

Knives are one of the most important tool in the Kitchen. Poor prep can lead to disaster during cooking. In fact, I would argue that majority of cooking is done via prep work. Therefore getting a good set of knives is critical. In the past, metal knives are the go […]

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Best Sandwich Knife Spreader and Deli Knife

Sandwiches are amazing. You can eat it for breakfast lunch or dinner. They are the ultimate food on the go. Making sandwiches are also a cinch. However, one of the worst thing about making sandwiches is spreading and cutting. You either get too little sauce or you cant spread it […]

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