Best Plastic Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives are a essential tool in any kitchen. However, if you have young children or are just inexperienced with knives, plastic knives are a good alternative. While the cheap plastic disposable knives are generally unreliable, the one that you purchase from the store are substantially better. They use thicker […]

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Best Oils for Cutting Boards

The Best Oils for Cutting Boards is mineral oil. A lot of manufacturer will sell their own brand of oil, but you can get similar effect by just purchasing food grade mineral oil. These oil will lubricate and prevent your cutting board from cracking. Some people even oil their board […]

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Best and Most Expensive Cutting Board

There are a lot of cutting boards on the market. Some are good, others are just plain bad. Good cutting boards protects your knife and has a satisfying tap when you chop on it. Boards made of glass are basically a punishment for your knife. The prices on these boards […]

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Sharpest Kitchen Knife Set

Ever wonder what is the Sharpest Kitchen Knife? It can be surprising that it can be any knife. Its all a matter of how you sharpen your knife. The thinner the edge, the sharper it cut. The question is how well it holds on to the edge. Its this properties […]

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Chinese Cleaver Guide

The Chinese Cleavers is preferred knife by Chinese Chef. Some consider it to be the Chinese Chef Knife. Unlike a western chef knife, a Chinese cleaver is designed to be a all around kitchen work horse. You can use the broad side of the blade to smash and scoop food. […]

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Best Kitchen Utility Knife

The Best Kitchen Utility Knife is around 6 inch, light and nimble. Sometimes it is called a petty knife and it is the alternative to a paring knife. You can cut longer food like cheese or just slice and chop a small onion. In my opinion, it is the 4th […]

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Shun vs Global vs Miyabi

Shun vs Global vs Miyabi who is the best Japanese Knife Maker? All of these knife uses a Japanese design in their knife. There is a slight belly to promote a rocking type of cutting. They uses a steeper angle than your standard western knife. They also tend to be […]

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Best Stainless Steel Knife Set

The Best Stainless Steel Knife Set resist rust and holds an edge. There are many different manufacturer available from German to Japanese. While they all have their pros and benefits, its not exactly one size fit all. Japanese knives are generally harder and thinner, much more suited for soft food […]

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Best Budget Kitchen Knives

The Best Budget Kitchen Knives can rival the performance of some high end knives. When it comes down to it, sharp is sharp. The main difference between a quality knife and a cheap knife really comes down to how well it holds it edge. You can get a one dollar […]

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Shun Classic Chef Knife Review

Shun Classic Chef Knife is one of the most well known Japanese knife manufacturer in America. It was popularized by Alton Brown in his show good eats. Since then, the company has come out with many different version of their popular knife. However, the classic chef knife still remains as […]

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