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All Clad Frying Pan Review Which Model Is Best?

All Clad Frying Pan are one of the best designed skillet on the market. It is perfect for searing, braising, sautéing and shallow frying food. They have many different iteration of this pan and finding which is best can be difficult. Each model serve different purpose at different price point. I personally used the copper core model for its fast heat and excellent heat distribution. However, the D3 and D5 are excellent alternative. This review will go in depth on how the copper core is constructed and how it compares to the other model.

All Clad Frying Pan Quick Summary



Copper Core
ColorsPolished MetalBrushed MetalPolished Metal with Copper Band
Helper HandleNoYesYes
Pouring LipYupYesYes
RecommendationBuy for Value and All Around Performance.Great for Searing Food with a Heft Weight.Best Performer that lets you adjust heat Fast, it also has the most even heat out of the set.
Reviewed CookwareD3 Frying PanD5 Frying Pan Copper Core Frying Pan

Which version to get?

The different models of All Clad uses different layers. They all have their own unique feature and benefit, below you will find a quick summary of each model. Choose one that best suits you.

All Clad Logo

All Clad D3 10 inch Fry Pan (Best Value)

This is their entry level line, it has the best price with all the performance and durability that you expect from All Clad. It has three layers with an aluminum layer in the center. For the everyday cook, this is perfect for what you need.

All Clad D5 5 layers of metal (Best Searing)

Those who are looking to replace their cast iron skillet for searing steak, this is the model for you. In this version, they add an additional layer of stainless steel and aluminum. The added weight means that there is more heat capacity so that you can sear steak and salmon with ease.

All Clad Copper Core, Copper is Best (Most Responsive)

This is the most balanced of the lot. It has the ability to heat up quicker than both the d3 and D5. Its also more responsive than either of the other models. It is perfect all rounder especially if you want to make sauces after cooking. This is also great for making sauces after your caramelize a steak.

Design of All Clad 10 inch Fry Pan

All Clad Sharp Handle

All clad pans are really one of the best in the industry, at the same time their handle is one of the worse. I like to think of it as a vampiric handle which takes a chunk of your blood when you use it. Its good but it also hurts to use.

They have been stubborn and refuse to change the handle design for years. However, recently for certain model, they came up with a less painful version, which you can see in their LTD model and their C4 model.

With that being said, most All Clad handles have the sharp edge. I read that the reason for this design is so that when you are turning the pan, it digs in to your hand and give you grip. Feels good huh? Joking aside, I do give them credit for it staying cool.

Whenever I cook on the stove top, I never felt a need to grab a glove. Don’t fall into the trap though, if you use it in the oven and mistakenly grab the handle, you will burn yourself. Always take care with their metal handle unless you want to brand yourself. I imagine some all clad enthusiast wouldn’t mind the “Mark of All Clad” on their hand.

All Clad Frying Pan Shape

The shape of the pan itself is the epitome of what a frying pan should be like. It has a low gentle slow that promotes evaporation and allows you to turn food easily. There are not sharp corner for food to get stuck in and it has ample cooking space on the pan. And the lip is rolled so that you can pour liquids easily. They have developed the perfect balance for what a frying pan should be.

Be aware, that they have a French skillet model that does not have a rolled lip and it curves upward more abruptly. The benefit of that model is that it facilitates tossing of the food. When you toss the food, the chances of it falling out of your pan are reduced.

Specs for the 10 inch Copper Core

Weight: 1253 g
Diameter: Around 10.55
Actual Cooking Surface Diameter: Around 7 inch
Height: 2 inch
Thickness: 1.66 mm


The speed and the distribution of heat on this pan is excellent. The coloring on the toast is uniform throughout and it is a nice shade of brown. This is certainly better than the 8 inch d5 version that I did before.

On that toast you can see that there are hot spots near the bottom edge of the pan. I will say this, the d5 is meant for searing food, it will outperform the copper core version if all you want to make is steak.

Why is my pan so dirty?

The reason why my pan is so dirty is because I actually use it. While I do wash it, I don’t have time to spend 30 minute every week buffing and polishing it. A true sign of a good pan is how well used it is. And as you can see, mines is caked in grease.

All Clad Pan Dirty

If you ever looked at video where there are professional cooks in a professional kitchen, their pans are almost jet black. It doesnt affect performance, if anything, it actually gives it a nonstick coating.

This caked on grease is the same caked on grease that you see in cast iron pans. It gives it a nonstick performance. The only downside is that it does not hold onto the seasoning as well.

How do I keep my pan shiny?

If this still bothers you, and you want your pan clean. Make sure that you clean it thoroughly after every use. This will ensure that your pan keeps its luster. There are many products out there that helps you clean the pan but I find that barkeeper friend works great on stainless steel product.

A word of caution, my experience with mirror finish product is that it will eventually dull. The only way to bring back that finish is to buff it with a rotary buffer.

All Clad Frying Pan Conclusion

The best thing about All Clad Frying Pan, is that it is balanced. They take into careful consideration of how people use the pan and designed it accordingly. It heats up quickly and distributes heats evenly. The pan is mid weight perfect for the average cook. It is also one of the most durable pan on the market and it is backed by a lifetime warranty. For the casual cook, get the d3 version. If you like steaks, I recommend getting the d5 version. However, if you want an all around great performer, get the copper clad version. I choose the Copper Core one simply because I love cooking and want the best of the best.

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