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Copper Mini Pot by Mauviel Review

Vintage style copper lid on mini sauce pan

The Copper Mini Pot by Mauviel is designed mainly as a butter warmer. Actual cooking on this vessel is a little impractical as you cannot really get any meaningful cooking out of it. However, for those who enjoy serving guest in a more upscale manner, nothing beats serving food in this copper mini pot. You can use it as salt holder or maybe chili oil. I personally heat up sauces for steaks and bring it to the table when the food is ready. The traditional vintage lid that I have add another flair to its design. Regardless, why dont we take a look at how its designed and what quirks and features it has.

Mini Copper Pot Design


The handle is made of brass with a bend from the base. It is held on by three copper rivets to secure it. They might have gotten away with just using two rivets considering its size. Some of the newer pan only has two rivets which I assume is to save cost. The handle is rounded so that there is no sharp edges, giving a comfortable feel. I still recommend that you use a towel or glove regardless as something this size will get hot quick.

Inner Lining

The lining is made of tin and it looks like the previous owner did try to cook in it. I see some areas of the tin bubbling up. Usually for a pot which does not see a lot of cooking, the tin should pretty much last the life of the pan. As long as you wont scrub it with a nylon pan, I doubt much of the tin will wear off. If you are worried about the tin, you can get the Stainless Steel Version which will pretty much guarantee against any defect of the metal lining.


The measured thickness of the pan is only 0.63 mm. Normally, this would be a big issue but for something this small, it should be fine. I do not see any flexing of the mini copper pot when I try to squeeze it. The main issue that I have with the thickness though is the ability to maintain its heat. If you are using it for sauce, a thicker copper base will allow it to better retain its heat. It is a good thing that there is the lid, you can use it to keep the sauce or butter warm for longer. When you buy one of these mini butter warmer, remember to always get the lid.


The shape is just your traditional sauce pot, nothing special. The size of the pot is the main draw, we for whatever reason just like miniature version of big things. As long as it is smaller, it is considered cute and this pot is no exception.

Copper Mini Pot Lid

The lid is where this pot become special. There are very few mini copper pot out there with these type of lids. They are the vintage style of copper lids that are hard to find nowadays. Even more so for a pot of this size. This lid has ridges so that it will seal it properly and not fall off when you move around. The handle has brass handle the same as the pot. Interesting enough, the rivet is stainless steel and the lining looks like stainless steel, maybe it got switched somehow.

Copper Mini Pot Fit and Finish

Fit and Finish is excellent on this mini copper pot. The handle is well made with no round edges, the rivets are nice and secure and it does not feel flimsy in the least. I personally feel like its a little work of art.

I hope you like this Mauviel Copper Mini Pot Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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