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Best Tart and Quiche Pan

The flaky crust, the warm interior and the aroma. Quiche is one of my favorite food. However, its also one of the hardest dish to make. You can get everything right and ruin it during unmolding. Traditional Quiche Pan uses tin but modern one will use a ceramic construction. You […]

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Best Cast Iron Wok

Woks have been used in China for centuries. However, in the state its just now catching on. Traditional wok are made of Carbon Steel. They are ductile, durable and take a non stick coating. The problem is that our stove is often too weak to handle a true wok. A […]

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Best Induction Wok

Woks are taking over America like wildfire. They are versatile and great for stir frys. However, the issue with most woks are induction compatibility. Its not so much that they wont work, but rather they cant develop a good contact with the induction cooktop. The traditional wok has a rounded […]

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Lodge Dutch Oven Review

Lodge is one of America oldest manufacturer of cast iron cookware. While most people use their skillet as their go to pan, the dutch oven is often overlooked. Overshadowed by Le Creuset, most choose the french counterpart. However, if you take a closer look at the design and performance of […]

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Best Cast Iron Grill Pan

Grilling is America’s favorite past time. They keep the heat out and add smokey flavor. However, not all of us have access to a grill. For a good alternative, you can use a grill pan, specifically a cast iron grill pan. Because these pans are casted instead of stamped, the […]

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Best Induction Tea Kettles

Hot water is essential to cooking. From making tea or just cooking noodles, its one of the key ingredients to making food. Traditional tea kettles use gas to heat up. However, modern technology has come into the fold. These day some modern kitchen are fitted with induction cooktop. In order […]

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Smeg Coffee Grinder Review

Smeg specializes in retro style kitchen appliance. It has a sleek 50’s design with a modern twist. However, this style comes at a price, a hefty one at that. Most of Smeg appliances can cost 200 dollar plus. But the question is, hows the performance? Even though it looks nice, […]

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Lodge Chef Collection Review

Lodge is one of America largest Cast Iron Manufacturer. Their products are durable, affordable and perform well overall. Perhaps their most popular product is the skillet. Its iconic straight sided pan can be seen in household all around america. However, there exist another pan that is much better designed and […]

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Best Pasta Strainer Pot and Colander

Pasta is delicous and easy to cook. However, one of the most difficult thing about pasta is straining. A good pasta strainer can make all the difference. Get a strainer with too big of a hole and pasta falls through. Get one with too small and it takes forever. The […]

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Black and Decker Rice Cooker Review

Cooking rice is a chore. You need to get the measurement and timing correct. Take a peek and you can ruin the whole batch. Thankfully, Black and Decker Rice Cooker makes life easier. The design is simple yet functional. While its not as advance as other rice cooker, its more […]

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