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Best Induction Burner Cooktop

Perhaps the one thing more important than a pan is the burner. A powerful and even heating burner can make all the difference. Traditional burner uses gas and generate fire. They are still consider the go to choice. However, electric burner are more convenient and compact. You can use it […]

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Best Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Who doesnt love pizza, its portable, delicious and good to eat hot or cold. However, going to a pizza place all the time can get expensive. Besides, sometimes we just want to have our own customized pizza. But the one thing that sets us apart from the pizza shop is […]

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The Best Clever Cutter Knife and Kitchen Scissor Review

This isnt really the best clever cutter review, but it will give you some insights. This knife/scissor is designed for those who want a safer cutting experience. With its flat blade and easy to use handle, no more unwieldy blade. However, there is a danger that most people overlook. That […]

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Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Gooseneck Kettle are the go to choice for coffee lovers. They let you control the flow of water for pour over coffee. This simple design lets you saturate coffee at the rate you desire. However, most gooseneck kettle requires a stove. Having a electric Gooseneck Kettle solves that issue. This […]

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Best Mauviel Copper Cookware

Mauviel is one of the oldest and largest French manufacturer of Copper Cookware. Their cookware is considered to be some of the best in the industry. You can even find some cookware that is over a hundred years old. Their traditional line of cookware uses tin lining with pure copper. […]

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Best Ninja Air Fryer Review

Air Fryer are changing how we cook. Its a healthy alternative to traditional deep fry. Instead of using oil, it uses hot air to crisp up the food. However, thanks to its popularity, that means there are a lot of competition. Perhaps one of the most popular are the ones […]

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Best Bagel Slicer and Cutter

Bagels are amazing, they have a wide variety of flavor such as onion, poppy seed or even plain. However, these breads are thick and dense. Cutting it with a regular nice can be difficult. Thankfully, there are tools that make cutting easier. Some are dedicated cutter such as the Bagel […]

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Best Oster Rice Cooker Review

In Asia, rice is eaten daily. It goes with a wide variety of dishes. However, in the states, you will be lucky to eat it once a month. Methods of cooking rice usually involve a pot with a tight fitting lid. If you get the timing or ration wrong, the […]

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Best Aluminum Pans for Baking and Cooking

Aluminum is one of the most common metal used in Cookware. They are light, cheap and effective. Its actually one of the best affordable heat conducting metal on the market. Much better than cast iron and stainless steel. However, the downside to pure aluminum pans is that they are reactive. […]

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Best Shallow Frying Pan

Fried food are amazing, they are crispy and carries a burst of flavor. However, using a whole gallon of oil is not always ideal. Nor is bringing out the Dutch Oven. The good thing is that you can get a Shallow Frying Pan. Most Shallow Frying Pan are essentially a […]

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