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Black and Decker Rice Cooker Review

Cooking rice is a chore. You need to get the measurement and timing correct. Take a peek and you can ruin the whole batch. Thankfully, Black and Decker Rice Cooker makes life easier. The design is simple yet functional. While its not as advance as other rice cooker, its more than suited to do the job. This review takes a closer look at the design and feature of Black and Decker Rice Cooker.

How does a Rice Cooker Work?

Before the invention of rice cooker, rice was cooked over a fire stove. Controlling heat and temperature was a challenge. As such, getting perfect rice was difficult. However, the rice cooker revolutionized how it was cook.

The thermostat and temperature control temperature of water. It also stops cooking once it sense that cooking is done. Most is done with a thermostat that switches off once it reaches above boiling temperature.

Black and Decker Rice Cooker Instruction

Exact instruction will vary depending on the rice. For short grain rice, soaking is required. Usually half an hour to an hour presoak is required. After the soak, drain and rinse the rice until runs clear.

Put the washed rice into the rice bowl and measure 1.5 times water of rice. Some rice will require less or more. However, I find that 1.5 to be a pretty good rule of the thumb. Once the ready button is flip, fluff the rice and let it sit for around 10 minutes.

For Long Grain Rice, follow the instruction above but omit the presoak. The water ration should also be 1 to 1. It might vary on the rice.

In terms of Brown Rice, it does the job really poorly. You need to soak the rice for a long time. I recommend a few hours at the minimum.

Steam Basket

Between the rice cooker and the pot, there is a steamer basket. In order to steam vegetable, just add when cooking. As the water gets converted to steam, it will cook the vegetables, fish or even chicken.

Black and Decker Rice Cooker Cleaning

Washing should be done with the soft side of the sponge. The nonstick coating can be damaged with nylon or metal scrubber. If you find food that is particularly stuck on, let it soak in water. Doing this will help you prolong the life of the pan. I would also avoid the diswasher.

Which Size Rice Cooker you should get?

The size of the rice cooker should depend on your daily usage. since the thermostat is designed for the respective size, it gets you the best result based on that. For example, for 3 cup rice cooker, you should cook 1-3 cup. For 6 cup, you should cook for 3-6 cup. While it can cook smaller amount, the thermostat is not as accurate.


The design of this rice cooker is basic at best. The lid does not latch and there is nothing preventing water from bubbling out. As a result, it can cause a bit of a mess. Other more expensvie model does not have this issue. It also does not have any micro adjustment in temperature like models like Zojirushi. Nevertheless, the rice that it turns out is pretty decent.

Black and Decker Rice Cooker Thoughts

Black and Decker Rice Cooker is a basic but affordable rice cooker. Compared to cooking rice on a stove top, this is miles better. All you need to do is wash, measure and press the button. If you dont have a rice cooker, then its a good choice. However, if you want something higher end, Zojirushi is a better choice.

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