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Best Oil Dispenser Bottle for the Kitchen

Oil is a key aspect in cooking. It adds flavor, helps in browning and prevents food from sticking. However, one thing that people struggle with is dispensing. Some recipe calls for a table spoon other ask for a tea spoon. What you should really do is add as much as […]

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Iwachu Cast Iron Omelette Pan Review

Cast Iron is the original nonstick. Its one of the most popular choice for making eggs. However, most Cast Iron Pans made in America are heavy and cumbersome. Leave it to the Japanese to make a Cast Iron pan just for eggs. Iwachu Omelette Pan is light, sleek with a […]

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Best Heat Diffuser for the Stove

A good quality pan should be able to disburse heat evenly. What it does is it smooths out the imperfection of the stove. Of course you can always get around this by buying a industrial stove, but not all of us have that type of money. But even then, buying […]

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Best Berkel Meat Slicer Review

Ever want deli quality sandwich at home? Then get a meat slicer. The reason why sandwiches at the restaurant taste so good is because its freshly cut. Meat that is freshly sliced has less oxidization and taste better overall. Where as the precut meat is often overloaded full of preservative […]

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Best Babish Knife Review

Babish is one youtube biggest Chef. His love of cooking has now moved onto knives. At a glance, his knives look promising. Its affordable, uses German Steel and has a full Tang Construction. But once you take a closer look, its missing a lot of information that other knife company […]

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Best Teak Cutting Board

Cutting Boards are almost a personal thing. Some people prefer plastic some want wood. For wood models, there are many to choose from. While Maples are the preferred choice of cutting board enthusiast, but another wood is coming up, teak. Unlike other wood, its naturally more oily. This means that […]

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Stanley Lunch Box with Thermos Review

Stanley has been around for almost a hundred years. They are known for their flask that keeps hot drinks hot and cool drinks cool. But what surprises most people is that they make Lunch Boxes. Its a simple lunch box that looks exactly like a tool box. However, unlike other […]

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George Foreman Smokeless Grill Review

In the 90’s George Foreman was everywhere. His miracle grill makes cooking easy. While the George Foreman Grill seems revolutionary, this technology has been around since the early 1900’s. At its core, its a simple heating element with a grill plate. However, is this new George Foreman Smokeless Grill any […]

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Best Way of Removing Rust from Cast Iron

Cast Iron is making a comeback, they are the original non toxic non stick pan. However, there are issues with cast iron that most people are not aware of, Rust. Rust can be dangerous if it gets into your blood stream. So its a good idea to get rid of […]

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