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Best Way of Removing Rust from Cast Iron

Cast Iron is making a comeback, they are the original non toxic non stick pan. However, there are issues with cast iron that most people are not aware of, Rust. Rust can be dangerous if it gets into your blood stream. So its a good idea to get rid of it when it forms. Not only that, it prolongs the life of your pan. With proper maitance, your cast iron cookware can be passed down for generation. Below, you will find some of the Best Way of Removing Rust from Cast Iron.

Different Ways of Removing Rust from Cast Iron

There are many ways of removing rust from cast iron. Some are easy, other require some elbow grease. However, all are effective methods. Choose one that best suits you.

Easiest Way of Removing Rust from Cast Iron (Vinegar)

By far, the easiest way of removing rust from cast iron is vinegar. Soaking it in vinegar for a few days will get rid of rust. The acidic nature will slowly eat away from it. If you have a particularly rusty pan, you can soak the whole thing in it. However, this is a pretty drastic way of doing things. Any and all seasoning will be removed. You will have to reaseason it or else rust will come right back.

Steel and Copper Wool

Have light rust? Then using a steel or copper wool can make quick work of it. However, I recommend wearing gloves when doing so. The last thing you want is for the rust to enter your blood. Doing a wet scrub where running water is spraying it is best. After doing this, you will have to reseason the affected area.

Removing Rust from Cast Iron Without Scrub

Scrubs are great but did you know you can erase rust? There are a number of manufacturer that makes product that erase rust. There is even different grits to tackle different level of rust. One of my favorite is by Sandflex. Another good one is the Japanese model by Sabitoru. That model is popular for removing rust from knives. Just be aware, that most rust eraser only remove light rust.

Effective method of removing deep rust (Sandpaper)

If you have deep issue with rust, then sandpaper might be a good choice. You should use different grit based on the level of rust. Sandpaper with higher number are for light rust. Lower number sandpaper are better for more stubborn rust. I recommend that you use a wooden block to wrap the paper around it. This will protect your hand and make it more effective.


Rust is damaging and potentially dangerous. So its a good idea to remove it before it gets worst. There are many ways of removing rust. Some of the stuff you already have at home. The easiest but slowest way of removing rust is via vinegar. However, if you have surface rust or just minor patches of it. Then using sand paper, rust eraser or even steel wool is a good idea. All method works, just get one that you like.

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