This page consolidates reviews of Vintage cookware.

Griswold Cast Iron Skillet Review

Griswold Cast Iron Skillet is perhaps one of the most sought after cast iron cookware around. Their cast iron skillets often goes for 100 plus on ebay. What they are most prized for are their light weight construction and smooth interior. Collectors see this as a sign of an even […]

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Vintage Stanley Thermos vs Modern

Vintage Stanley Thermos vs Modern is there any difference? Even though they look the same, the general construction and build is quite different. Around the 60’s Stanley thermos started to bear the Aladdin mark. These days, Stanley Thermos just say Stanley. These thermos are a great way to keep hot […]

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The French Chef Omelette Pan X Julia Child

The French Chef Omelette Pan

The French Chef Omelette Pan is an iconic Omelette pan. It was supposedly developed in conjuncture with famed television Chef Julia Child. In the 1940’s there was a foundry that used to manufacturer torpedo. The front end of the torpedo was usually cut off to allow for stuffing of materials. […]

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Budweiser Beer Stein, A German Drinking Tradition

Nothing is more refreshing than drinking a ping from a Budweiser Beer Stein. This tradition of drinking from a Beer Stein was rooted in Germany. Before glass was implemented, Beer Steins are most commonly made of stoneware. Sometimes they would be made of porcelain or even wood. Usually, they would […]

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Toastmaster Snackster Sandwich Maker

The Toastmaster Snackster Sandwich Maker was one of the most popular press in the 90’s. All the manufacturer were getting on on the craze. The average retail price for this machine was 29.95. It was made in U.S.A, all metal and had the Toastmaster brand backing it. Throughout its years, […]

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Donvier Ice Cream Maker Review

In the 80’s the Donvier Ice Cream Maker was all the craze. Requiring no salt or ice, you can hand crank your own ice cream right at home. A simple concution of cream milk and sugar is all that you needed. This simple contraption was a hit in Japan. However, […]

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Norelco Dial A Brew The Original Chemex Ottomatic

Norelco 12 cup Dial a Brew

Norelco Dial A Brew is The Original Chemex Ottomatic. In the 70’s Phillips Norelco had a line of coffee maker that was called the Dial A Brew. There were varying sizes available, but the 12 cup model is the most infamous today. The 1500 watt of power ensures that the […]

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Vintage Toastmaster Toaster

Vintage Toastmaster Toaster are a sought after collector item by toaster aficionado. The brand Toasmaster was originally owned by McGraw Electric. It was founded by 17 year old Max Mcgraw and initially got his start by converting houses from gas to electric. With his Father, they slowly expanded the business […]

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