This page consolidates reviews of Vintage cookware.

Donvier Ice Cream Maker Review

In the 80’s the Donvier Ice Cream Maker was all the craze. Requiring no salt or ice, you can hand crank your own ice cream right at home. A simple concution of cream milk and sugar is all that you needed. This simple contraption was a hit in Japan. However, […]

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Norelco Dial A Brew The Original Chemex Ottomatic

Norelco Dial A Brew is The Original Chemex Ottomatic. In the 70’s Phillips Norelco had a line of coffee maker that was called the Dial A Brew. There were varying sizes available, but the 12 cup model is the most infamous today. It features a 1500 watt power draw that […]

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Vintage Toastmaster Toaster

Vintage Toastmaster Toaster are a sought after collector item by toaster aficionado. The brand Toasmaster was originally owned by McGraw Electric. It was founded by 17 year old Max Mcgraw and initially got his start by converting houses from gas to electric. With his Father, they slowly expanded the business […]

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Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Review

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 1

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster, looks like something out of a steampunk comic. Production for the mixmaster started in the 1930’s. The first model was called the m4b. This model was produced by Chicago Flexible Shaft and only had 60 watts. During that era, they were the primary competitor against Kitchenaid. However, […]

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Descoware Belgium Oval Dutch Oven Review

Descoware Belgium cookware was a porcelain coated cast iron cookware manufacturer. The company originally operated under the name Bruxelles Ware in Oudenaarde Belgium. A man by the name of David E Sanford purchased the manufacturing right from General Houseware Corporation in 1940. He rebranded the product as Descoware. It slowly […]

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Nordic Ware Crepes n Things Review

Nordic Ware Crepes n Things is a vintage crepe pan that aims to make crepes easy. It seems like in the 50-60’s the inverted style of crepe pan was very popular. Viking even had their own version which was made in Japan. Over the years, there seems to be multiple […]

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Vintage Regal Ware Pots and Pans Review

Regal Ware is an American Cookware manufacturer that has been around for over a hundred years. Even though they have been around for so long, most people do not know who they are. Most of that can be attributed to the lack of marketing surrounding their cookware. However, if you […]

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