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Budweiser Beer Stein, A German Drinking Tradition

Nothing is more refreshing than drinking a ping from a Budweiser Beer Stein. This tradition of drinking from a Beer Stein was rooted in Germany. Before glass was implemented, Beer Steins are most commonly made of stoneware. Sometimes they would be made of porcelain or even wood. Usually, they would have some intrinsic design that is hand painted. Older models will have pewter lid with a special engraving etched across them. It was believe that this was implemented during the black plague. Functioning as a ward against disease from entering your drink. In the 1980’s Budweiser decided to implement this tradition into a collectible Beer Stein. Every Christmas they would release a new edition with a group of horse pulling a chariot. These Beer Stein is slowly becoming one of the most collected items in Budweiser history.

Budweiser Beer Stein Quick Summary

Budweiser Beer Stein
CapacityAround 30 oz
ColorsRed White and Gold
Weight1.77 lbs
Brand AwarenessAmerica
Country of ManufacturerChina
ThoughtsBudweiser Beer Steins is a collector items. However, as the years goes by, the quality decline. The newer models are made in China and they lack the quality of the older model. But what can you do if you collect them?
Reviewed Cookware2019 Budweiser Holiday Stein – 40th Anniversary Edition

Budweiser’s History

Budweiser was founded by Adolphus Busch, he immigrated to America in 1857. Determined to suceed, he started working at a brew supply company. He slowly moved up through the ranks and eventually took over the company. During this time, he innovated some ground changing technique such as pasteurizing the beer. This increased the shelf life of bottled beer by 4 months.

During the summers, American still drank heavy dark ales. Adolphus saw an opportunity to introduce a more crisp and palatable beer that was suited for the hot summer. Budweiser was smoother and lighter than its competition. It quickly became one of America’s favorite beer. Today, Budweiser is one of the largest Beer manufacturer. For more information about their history, I recommend checking Budweiser official History Section.

Budweiser Beer Stein Through the Years

The 1980 beer stein was the first to be made to celebrate the holiday tradition. These steins are made by Ceramarte a Brazillian manufacturer of beer steins. They are considered to be one of the largest manufacturer of beer steins. Newer models of the beer steins are made in China. These come in varying quality with defects becoming more and more common.

The general quality and design varies by the year. With some year being more intrinsic than the others. Most beer steins will have bumps and groves that will give the horses and shape a 3d effect. However, most of Budweiser Beer Stein were produced in mass quantity. As such, the artwork is printed and not painted like authentic Germany beer steins.

Different Artist

In some years, artist will be credited on the bottom of the beer steins. The 1991 holiday stein that I have credits Susan Sampson for the artwork. Unfortunately, this model lacks any embossing like the other models. The handle is basic and lacks an effort in design.

If you take a look at the 1981 version, those steins are much more well built. The handle has groves and the horse protrudes outward. However, you also pay a lot more for it.

Modern Budweiser Beer Stein and Quality

As stated before, modern Budweiser Beer Stein are made in China. As such quality seems to be decreasing as more model is released. The 40th anniversary edition or 2019 edition has a hollow handle instead of a solid design. The artwork is still printed and looks almost the same as the previous 2018 model. The gold strip seems to be haphazardly painted on and lack any such quality. Although to be fair, most of these beer stein face these issue. But if you put the 2019 model next to the 1991 model, there is a clear difference in quality.

West Germany Beer Stein vs Budweiser Beer Stein

Traditional Beer steins are made in Kannenbäckerland, the westwarld region of Germany. This region of germany has been making beer steins for centuries and is considered to be the best. The quality and effort that was put in these beer steins are on a different level. From the body to the pewter lid, you can see the difference in craftsmanship.

Instead of the iconic horses, you would either get a hotel or a bunch of people drinking. Most likely alluding to Oktoberfest. Nonetheless, they are all jovial in nature and fun to say the least.

The only one that would match the quality of the west Germany Beer steins are the older models made in the 1980’s. I personally have a preference to the 1983 beer stein model.

Budweiser Steins Value

For those of you who have a collection, the older one holds more value. Some of them go from 40-100 dollar. Not exactly a lot but still better than nothing. If you manage to get a collection from someone, I would personally just keep it. The price that you get is not worth the lost of sentimental value. Besides, it goes great as a shelf piece.

Budweiser Holiday Stein 2019 Value

The price of the 2019 beer stein was less than 25 dollars. On amazon, the price is a little inflated because of sellers trying to turn a profit. Amazon has been raising their fees and its making it increasingly difficult for them to even break even. Whether its worth it is dependent on your financial situation.

Budweiser Beer Stein Thoughts

Budweiser Beer Stein is a collector item. It’s pretty refreshing to see a beer company following German Tradition. However, the quality of the early beer steins are much better than the modern version. Today, the beer steins are made in China and it seems to be more focused on price than quality.

I hope you like this Budweiser Beer Stein, A German Drinking Tradition Article, If you would like to see more, please visit our Article page.


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