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Best Karahi Pan

A Karahi Pan is a wok like pan used in indian and middle eastern cooking. It is a two loop pan with a higher sides. They are often used for curry, stews and individual serving. In the states, these type of cookware is pretty rare. Most stores do not even […]

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Best Thermal Cooker

Modern day Thermal Cooker are a relatively new invention. They first made their appearance in the 90’s. It was a way to slow cook food without the use of electricity or low fire. Because of the prevalence in stewed cuisine in Asian culture, it is mostly sold in those regions. […]

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Best Spaetzle Maker

Spaetzle is a German style of pasta. Unlike the intrinsically shaped pasta that you get from Italy, Spaetzle is free formed. It looks like little droplets of pasta. Its commonly tossed in butter and sauted with some beef or sauce. Since Spaetzle is not really sold in a dried form, […]

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Best Seafood and Crawfish Boiler

Crawfish is one of the most eaten dish in the south. They are usually made during large gather in a large vat of water. However, heating that much water needs power, lots of power. Something that most home range do not have. Luckily, manufacturer have created boilers just for this […]

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Best Oven Safe Skillet

A common technique in cooking is sear on the stove and finish the oven. Therefore a Oven Safe skillet is a important tool to have. However, you cannot stick any pan into the oven. If you put a nonstick pan with a plastic handle in the oven, you can risk […]

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Best Oil For Salad Dressing

One of the key ingredients to any salad is oil. You need a combination of fat, acid and a binder to make a simple vinaigrette. The problem with oil is that there is just so many of them. Some like canola or grapeseed has a neutral flavor. Other oil like […]

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Best Cast Iron Seasoning Oil

Cast Iron is one of the most popular cookware out there. Its the original nonstick and its affordable to boot. However, the performance of its nonstick ability is related to the seasoning. How well developed the seasoning and how durable the seasoning depends on the oil used initially. While corn […]

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Best 9 x 13 Baking Pan

A 9 x 13 Baking Pan is a great all purpose baking pan. You can make lasagna, casseroles, pasta, gratin and more. If you intend to use a oven on a daily basis, a 9 x 13 Baking Pan is a necessity. However, there are quite a bit of variation […]

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