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Best Oil For Salad Dressing

One of the key ingredients to any salad is oil. You need a combination of fat, acid and a binder to make a simple vinaigrette. The problem with oil is that there is just so many of them. Some like canola or grapeseed has a neutral flavor. Other oil like sesame or olive oil has flavor to it. These oil are the most commonly used in salad dressing. With olive oil being the most common one. Its considered to be the Best Oil For Salad Dressing, however other oils deserve a strong consideration.

How to make a vinaigrette?

A basic vinaigrette is very simple. 3 parts oil and 1 part vinegar. You will then add additional flavoring to make different flavors. The most basic one is a mustard vinaigrette. The mustard acts both as a flavoring and as a emulsifier. What the emulsifier does is that it keeps the vinaigrette from separating. Without that, the oil and vinegar start separating after only a few minutes.

What is the Best Oil For Salad Dressing?

You can basically use any oil. Avocado, Coconut Oil, Walnut Oil, Sesame Oil and Olive Oil are all good choices. Sesame Oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil are good but be aware of its strong flavor. Try mixing a small batch first before using the whole jar. It cant taste vastly different in a salad then by itself. The last thing you want is to waste those expensive oil.

Best Sesame Oil for Dressing

For Sesame Oil, I only use it when I might asian style type of salad. Stuff with wonton strips or chicken pieces are a good choice. I would often time mix in some miso paste with sesame oil for that Japanese salad flavor. Kadoya Oil is a great choice for sesame oil. You can use it both in cooking, soups and salads. Although its a little expensive, its the best you can get.

Best Olive Oil for Dressing

Olive Oil is a great choice for most dressing that you see online. A lot of manufacturer will make dressing with a blend of olive oil and grapeseed oil. Not only that, they have great health benefits. A lot of recipe will call for a good brand of extra virgin olive oil. Since extra virgin olive oil is expensive and have a strong flavor, I suggest you try it in a dressing first. My choice of extra virgin olive oil will be the one from california. Contrary to what most people think, california makes some really great olive. This brand is also widely available, unlike some of the more expensive Italian Brands.

Which Vinegar to Use?

Apple Cider and Red wine vinegar is the most commonly used one. They add their own distinct flavor. But really, you should choose your vinegar based on the dish you are making. I personally like Apple Cider for the hint of fruitiness it gives.

If you are using red wine vinegar, be sure to get a good quality red wine vinegar. The cheap one can sometimes taste like nail polish remover. If you find that to be the case, I recommend you just tossing it. It will ruin the whole salad. The red wine vinegar from Pompeii brand is a great choice. It wont give the off flavor like other brands.

Best emulsifier for Salads

There are quite a few emulsifier for you to choose. I recommend mustard but you can use egg yolk, mayo or even honey. They all have its own distinct flavor but try to pair one to the dressing. I personally recommend you just use mayo, honey or mustard. Those are less likely to give you food poisoning then raw eggs. For Mustard, I like the brand from Edmond Fallot. They have a perfect balance of flavor with a slighty cheesy flavor.

Best Oil For Salad Dressing Thoughts

After you learn how to make a vinaigrette, you will no longer have to buy salad dressing. You can use the base ingredient for so much other food. This will save you money overtime and increase your versatility in the kitchen. However, the key to a good dressing is good ingredients. I recommend you shop around and find the best one for your kitchen. It will be a game changer.

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