Enamel Cast Iron vs Cast Iron Cookware

Which is better, Enamel Cast Iron vs Cast Iron, both of these type of cookware has its pros and cons. If you are looking for a more performance oriented cookware, bare cast iron is better. However, if you want a pot that is less maintenance and easier to clean, enamel […]

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Staub vs Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Staub Pine Dutch Oven

Staub and Le Creuset are two of the most famous French Enameled cast iron manufacturer today. Although, Le Creuset has been casting cast iron cookware since 1920, Staub is still a relatively new company. There is no doubt that both of these manufacturer made their name with their famous dutch […]

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Staub Mini Cocotte Review

Staub Mini Cocotte Basil

Dutch ovens are the mainline product for any cast iron cookware manufacturer. However, another trend seems to be coming along where they make a miniature version of the cast iron dutch oven. Staub, one of the largest enamel cast iron cookware manufacturer has decided to jump on the bandwagon. Staub […]

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