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Staub Grill Pan Review

Staub Grill pan is the perfect way to get that beautiful grill mark on a rainy day. Nothing evokes the feeling of barbecue like a beautifully charred lined on a beef patty. Great for reducing fat and cooking vegetables, these grill pans are a fantastic addition to a home kitchen. There are many choices in the line of grill pans. However, most fall short due to its short grill height. This review will take a closer look at how Staub designed their grill pan. We will take a look at shape, construction and general performance.

Staub Perfect Pan Review Quick Summary

Staub Grill Pan
CompatibilityGas, Electric, Halogen, Glass Top, Induction
ColorsRange of Color
WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Brand AwarenessWorld Famous
Country of ManufacturerFrance
ThoughtsStaub makes one of the Best Grill Pan in the industry. It has ridges of 4.5 mm which is much higher than the competition. The tall sidewall promotes evaporation and prevent liquid splatter. They are one of the best choice for a grill pan.
Reviewed CookwareSTAUB 19313006 Cast Iron Square Grill Pan & Press Set, 12-inch

History of Staub

Staub was started by Francis Staub in 1974. The first mold that they used was made out of wood. They set themselves apart from the competition with their dark and rich colors. In 2008, they were bought out by Zwilling, a German cutlery manufacturer. However, they still operate independently. Today, Staub is a leading manufacturer in Cast Iron Cookware. They grace the home of many French Chef and Home Cooks.

Staub Gril Pan Design

This section will go over the various design and characteristic of Staub Grill Pan. We will talk about functionality, versatility and general performance.


The handle is one continous piece with the pan. They can achieve this because their cookware is casted from a sand mold. This is where they pour molten hot metal into a mold and formed that way. Other cookware is stamped out. This is where they get a sheet of metal and stamp it out with a hydraulic press. These are generally quicker and easier to produce. However, since they are not casted, the handles usually have to be riveted or screwed on. Their durability tends to be not as well as the casted model. With the latter being the worse.

There is a downside to this design though. The metal handle will get screaming hot. You should use a glove or towel when handling it.

In terms of ergonomic, it is a simple handle with a divot in the center. At the other end, there is a helper handle to help you carry it. Since I doubt you will be tossing food with the grill pan, comfort isnt that important. Nevertheless, it works just fine.


The shape of Staub Grill pan is actually very clever. It flares out to allow for evaporation, at the same time the sidewall is high to prevent oil splatter. This desgin also lets you reach in and flip food easier. Tall straight sidewall tends to get in the way for food near the sides.

Another good thing about the design is the height of the grills. The reason why you want a tall grill height is to keep it away from the oil and develop distinct grill mark. Having grills that are too low will cause other parts of the food to fry, making it perform more like a frying pan. When I measure staub grill height, it is around 4.5 mm high. One of the highest in the industry.

Other grill pans, especially aluminum stamped one are usually 1-2 mm. The reason why its so low is because they will stretch and tear if its too high. Casted metal allows manufacturer to set their desired height.


Since the grill pan has minimal contact area with the food, sticking tends to be a non issue. There are ways to reduce sticking though. You can get a wad of paper and run it through the top of the grill. Using a regular oil tends to be ineffective as it will just run down the pan.


The versatility of the grill pan is the biggest issue. You mainly want one to have grill marks. However, for general cooking, they tend to be a pretty bad choice. For example, cooking chicken thigh will literally take forever. Since so less heat will permeate to the thigh, expect around half an hour if not more to get it done. You need to finish the chicken in the oven for any type of efficiency.

Another issue is that you cant use it like a traditional skillet. The grill marks tend to get in the way if you want to saute or do other task.


Cleaning can be a pain as well. When food get stuck between the grills, you have to dig in to get it out. Charred marks and residue will pretty much be permanent. There are brushed to get it out though. The one I recommend is the one by OXO, the bristle are stuff and it makes quick work of the sediments.

To make life easier, I recommend that you put water onto a hot pan. This will deglaze the pan and make it easier to clean. Just be aware, that this can cause thermal shock and reduce the life of the pan.

What Should You Cook With a Grill Pan?

There are some great stuff you can cook on a grill pan though. Steaks and burgers are a popular choice. However, I would argue that vegetables are the one that benefit the most. They are usually less dense and take less time to cook. The grill mark will make any vegetable look appetizing. This is perfect for those picky eater in your household. Fish is also a great choice. They are relatively light and take well to a grill pan. Although I recommend that you do so with the skin on.

Staub Grill Pan Thoughts

Staub makes one of the best grill pan in the industry. Its tall flaring sides promotes evaporation and at the same time prevents oil splatter and makes it easy to flip food. The tall grills means that food will be up and away from the oil as well. Their grill pan is an example of how indoor grilling should be done.

I hope you like this Staub Grill Pan Review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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