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Le Creuset Wok Review

Le Creuset Wok is a modern take on the traditional wok. The flat base and the two loop handle makes it easy to cook on a stove top. Where as traditional wok uses a round bottom and are more suited for a jet like stove. Since our home kitchen cant […]

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Le Creuset French Press Review

Le Creuset French Press is the best way to add a flair to your morning coffee routine. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors by Le Creuset. The heavy stoneware construction also feels substantial and holds heat well. However, there are a few issues with this design. While the […]

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Wusthof Classic vs Ikon vs Gourmet

Wusthof Classic vs Ikon vs Gourmet what are the differences? Manufacturer are guilty of constantly releasing new models and all that does is confused customers. While they all perform relatively well, there are some key differences. Things like the length of the tang and the quality of the steel all […]

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Mercer Culinary Chef Knife Review

Mercer Culinary Chef Knife is one the best budget chef knife around. While the low cost might throw off some people, this knife gets sharp and stays sharp. It uses a polyprolene handle that is soft and comfortable. While it might not feel as nice as a wooden handle, this […]

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Best Black Friday Cookware Deals 2020

Find the Best Black Friday Cookware Deals here. As thanksgiving come there are a tons of deals out there. This list will help you find the best deals on the market. There will be categories from cast iron to nonstick. Look for deals from Staub, Le Creuset, T-Fal and more. […]

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Best Grill Pan

The Best Grill Pan has tall ridges, really thats all that it needs. While other factors are important like handle, construction and design, the main point of a grill pan is to make grill marks. There are various factors that goes into the manufacturing of grill pan. Such as whether […]

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Le Creuset Grill Pan Review

Le Creuset Grill Pan comes in two form, a round one and the skinny long one. Both do the same task, make grill marks. However, they are not created equal. The rounded one is designed to be used at the home kitchen. While the long Skinny grill is more suited […]

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Best Pate and Terrine Mold

The Best Pate and Terrine Mold uses a heavy duty construction, maintains the heat and forms a trapezoid shape. There are various designs on the market. In some cases, you can use a bread loaf pan. However, for making things like pate, temperature control is crucial. For that reason, you […]

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Best Poffertjes Pan aka Mini Pancake

The Best Poffertjes Pan is nonstick, hold heats well and has shallow depth. While its commonly confused with a aebleskiver pan, the shape is quite different. Instead of a circular ball, Poffertjes is flat and resembles that of a puffed up pancake. There are quite a few options available on […]

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