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Le Creuset Grill Pan Review

Le Creuset Grill Pan comes in two form, a round one and the skinny long one. Both do the same task, make grill marks. However, they are not created equal. The rounded one is designed to be used at the home kitchen. While the long Skinny grill is more suited for the outdoor. There are a couple of other things that you should take into consideration when deciding between the two. Things like weight, handle and construction are all important. This review will take a closer look at the design and construction of Le Creuset Grill Pan.

Le Creuset Grill Pan Review Quick Summary

Le Creuset Grill Pan
ColorsWide Range of Color
Brand AwarenessWorld Famous
Helper HandleYes
Country of ManufacturerFrance
ThoughtsBoth are a good alternative for a indoor grill. However, the grill on the skinny grill is too short. It will stew instead of grill food. The square one is a bit better. Cleaning is also a pain, you need a grill brush to get rid of the sediment. If I want performance, I would go for the square one. However, the skinny grill is better for presentation sake.
Reviewed CookwareLe Creuset LS2021-2667 Enameled Cast Iron 10 1/4″ Signature Square Skillet Grill

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History of Le Creuset

Le Creuset was founded in 1925 by two Belgian men. One was a casting expert and the other a enameling specialist. Together, they formed their iconic Dutch Oven. As far as French cookware manufacturer goes, they are relatively young. Some of their competitor like De Buyer or Mauviel goes back to the 1800’s. Nevertheless, in the short time period, they set themselves apart with the color offering of their cookware. They took over and bought out similar companies like Cousances and Descoware. Today, they are synonymous with high end cookware. Any guest would be amazed if you bring out a Le Creuset product to the table.

Le Creuset Grill Pan Design

This section will discuss the design and construction of Le Creuset Grill Pan. We will go over shape, handle and general construction.


For the rounded pan, the handle is a traditional handle with a helper handle on the end. While the skinny grill uses a two loop handle. Both are casted with the mold, creating a single piece design. These are better all around for durability. However, they also get really hot. A glove should always be used when handling it.

Since the grill pan should stay stationary for most of the cooking, the comfort of the handle is not that important. What is more important is how easy it is to transfer. In that aspect, the skinny grill is better to use.


The rounded design of the grill pan is actually better. Since most of our home kitchen have a ring heating element. They can develop a better heat pattern. The Skinny grill on the other hand is long. Almost long enough to use both hob but not completey encompassing it. If you only uses one heating element, there will be a lot of cool spots.

For that reason, the skinny grill pan is actually better suited to be used on a traditional grill. The heat can permeate throughout the pan better. But this begs the question, why have a grill pan if you need to use a grill?

In terms of cooking space, you get a lot more with the skinny grill. You can fit two burger on the round one but you can comfortably fit three on the skinny grill.

Grill Mark

The grill mark are important for a grill pan. The higher it is, the more elevated the food will be. This will ensure that food actually develop a grill mark instead of steaming or deep frying. This is where the skinny grill fail. It is simply too short. The grill pan is better though. If you want a more defined grill mark go with the square grill pan. This will give the perception of a grilled food.

Some thing to note about grill mark. You almost always want to go cast iron for this. Aluminum pans are typically stamped with a hydraulic press. For this reason, manufacturer cannot make them too tall, it will tear otherwise. Since cast iron product are made in a sand mold, manufacturer can make it as big as they want.

Le Creuset Grill Pan Versatility

Versatility is the biggest limitation will grill pans. You can only make grill mark with these pans. They are great for light food like vegetables. However, for chicken thighs you basically have to finish it in the oven. It will basically take forever if you try to cook on the stove.

The skinny grill is better because you can bring it to the table and grill. It simply looks more in place. The square grill pan is a little random if you bring it to the table. Both are attractive though.


Cleaning on either one is a pain. After you grill, there will often be left over charred crust. If you let the pan cool down and then soak it, this will take forever. Even though the manufacturer do not recommend using water on a hot pan, I do it anyways. This deglazes it and reduces my cleaning time. You need a grill brush to make your life easier. It can reach areas where a sponge cant. I recommend the oxo grill brush for this task. The short bristle is stout and make quick work of it.


The color is what makes Le Creuset so great. It is also what sets them apart from the competition. Their color is iconic and it can fit into any kitchen. It is also still enameled in France. They have a reputation of having one of the most durable enamel coating on the market. The Chinese made one are very prone to chipping. I have some that came chipped from the store…

Le Creuset Grill Pan Thoughts

Le Creuset Grill Pan is a great alternative for when you cant go out and grill. However, the grill height is too short on the skinny grill. It reaches the fat too easily and leave less than satisfactory grill line. If I had to choose, I would rather get the square one. Although the skinny grill pan is better for a presentation setting. It looks more in place on the table than the square one.

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I hope you like this Le Creuset Grill Pan review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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