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Most Expensive Cookware

What is the most expensive cookware? Usually they are french and made of copper. However, new players on the market are starting to get up there in price. Now there are pans that are actually made of pure silver. Since silver has the highest heat conductivity out of any metal out there, that means they are one of the best performing on the market. Having said that, the old classic are still some of the best and most expensive cookware on the market. This list of the most expensive cookware will give you an idea of who the manufacturer are, why they’re expensive.

Most Expensive Cookware Quick Summary

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Why are some cookware more expensive than other?

Supply and Demand. In marketing and business, if there is a demand for it, there will be an increase in manufacturers. They will see it as an opportunity to make money. As such, the supply will also increase. The opposite is also true, if there is too much supply, price will go down. There needs to be a balance and different companies will focus on different price point.

As of now, the profit is in nonstick cookware. The vast majority of people in the world cook on nonstick cookware and in general they perform very well. There is very little reason for them to expensive grade of cookware. They cost a lot to manufacturer and in general, they are high maintenance. Most consumers would not want these type of cookware.

The only people who buy higher grade of cookware are enthusiast. They are willing to spend hundreds if not thousands on their cookware. Companies like Mauviel, Falk, Amoretti Brother, Ruffoni, All Clad and Soi Tukiye cater to this market. Since the demand on these type of cookware is so low, they can charge a higher price. Which in my opinion is a little inflated, but what can you do?

List of Most Expensive Cookware


Mauviel is one of the oldest French copper cookware manufacturer around. They produce a wide range of home good. To get the really good stuff, you need to buy the Mtradition line. Usually these cookware are 3mm thick copper and they are designed to be used in a professional kitchen. Most home gas range are not strong enough to take full advantage of these cookware. However, if you really want the best of the best, this is your only choice. Just be aware, that the M Tradition use tin linning. They will melt and wear with use. Eventually you will have to get it refurbished.

Luckily, there is a bimetal version that is also pretty expensive. This one does not have the downside of tin. Instead it uses stainless steel to make it indestructible.

Amoretti Brothers

Amoretti Brother is another new comer on the block. They are a Italian cookware manufacturer who make their cookware in Mexico. The design and beauty of their cookware is very unique. If you like the way their design and finial looks, this is the way to go. Like Mauviel, their cookware is tin lined and completely hand made. However, theirs are usually around 2.5 mm thick. Thinner than what you would get from Mauviel.

All Clad

All Clad is an American Based company who pioneered the Fully Cladded cookware. Their design is so good, that a lot of manufacturer copied their design. They took the best properties of the different metal and combined it into one. The thickness is the same from the base to the top ensuring perfect heat distribution. Their copper core is the premium line and can cost around 1 thousand plus for a full set. While they dont uses as much copper as the other manufacturer, theirs are significantly less high maintenance than the other brand.


Falk is a belgium cookware manufacturer who made their name with a bimetal copper and stainless steel cookware. They did away with the high maintenance of tin and uses a nearly indestructible stainless steel lining. This lets you use copper pan to sear steak and develop that perfect crust. In general, their cookware commands a higher price since they are one of the most durable cookware around. The brushed finish also keep the copper finish maintain its beauty. Nicks and gouges are hidden by this design.

Soy Turkiye

Soy Turkiye is a relatively new company. While their normal copper cookware is on par with the other manufacturer. They produce an All Silver cookware that just blows them out of the water. For a single pot, you can expect to pay around 1-5 thousand dollar. Yikes, not a lot of people are willing to spend that much money. But the great thing about silver is that its non reactive and it is one of the best conductive metal around. As of now, you can only buy this cookware at their website.


Ruffoni is an Italian cookware manufacturer. They are currently owned by Meyer corporation who is a hong kong based company. Their cookware is simply one of the most beautiful you can own. I personally love the prima opus line. It has the perfect combination of stainless steel and style. It shimmers in the sun like a disco ball. You will simply fall in love with it. Just be aware, that their copper decor cookware line is usually very thin. They dont perform very well and should be used more for decorative purpose.

I hope you like this article on the Most Expensive Cookware, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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