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Bialetti Cookware Review

Bialetti is most famous for their moka pot. Their innovative design have brought espresso to the home kitchen. However, recently they have been venturing into other lines of cookware. Ranging from drip over coffee to even cookware. But are they just leveraging their brand name or designing something revolutionary? This review will take a closer look at Bialetti Cookware. Are they any good or are they just trying to see a product?

Is Bialetti Cookware Any Good?

The Short answer is its ok. Not really revolutionary but does its job. I would rank it as a mid to lower grade of cookware. It uses one of the popular stone nonstick coating that can be questionable in terms of durability. Handles and shape design is also funky as well. This particular review will go over the Bialetti Textured Nonstick 10-Piece Oven-Safe Cookware Set.

Bialetti Cookware Nonstick Coating

I could not find any official data on the nonstick coating that they use. However, based on its apperance, it looks like its the ceramic variety. Lots of people like it because its teflon and PFOA free. Both of which people avoid because of its potential health hazard.

The problem with this ceramic coating is that its not durable. During the first few month, its excellent. But with the expansion and contraction, tiny cracks will start to appear. Most of which is not visible to your eyes. But the nonstick performance starts to degrade. You will usually notice it around 6-12 months in.


The handle is ok. Its has a silicone sleeve so that it will stay cool to the touch and give you a firm grip. Its not particularly attractive but it works for the most part. I cant tell unless I cut it open, but it looks to be only a two wire loop for structure. So while it does work, its not really the best design. It feels like they skimp on it.


The shape of a cookware affects how it cooks, how much manufacturer puts into making the pot and how it looks. Unfortunately, they went with a weird taper design. Usually manufacturer will do this so that they can increase capacity while at the same time reducing cost. But the thing is that narrow based cookware are worse then full size cookware.

When you go and cook food, you want a base that is wide so that food can breath. If its too close together, steam tends to condensate and then it will steam. This is counter productive if you want to sear and brown food.


This model of cookware uses a glass lid. Lots of people like it because you can see in when you cook, but once it fogs, its useless. Not only that, glass lids are fragile. If you’re not careful or heat it wrong, it can shatter. Metal lids are more durable and better all around.

Bialetti Cookware Thoughts

The cookware is ok at best. The price reflects that as well. You can find very similar cookware at this price point. What I dont like is the handle design, nonstick coating, lid and shape. The good thing is the price. When the nonstick performance start to go south, you can easily it replace it.

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