Lodge Mini Skillet Review

Lodge Mini Skillet is one of the best gift for the cookware lover. Its cheap and cute and functional. While you cant cook much, in it, it is big enough for one egg. Or you can even use it as mini serving tray for snacks. It wont do much on […]

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Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Review

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven is the best dutch oven for camping. It has feet to rest on top of the wood and a wire rack to hang over the fire. Its cast iron construction means that its nearly indestructible. And it comes in various size. For the price, you really […]

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Lodge Sportsman Grill Review

Lodge Sportsman Grill is a compact grill perfect for tailgating or campings. Its compact size means that you can fit it in your rv or vehicle without much issue. You can even grill things at your backyard if you do not want a compact grill alternative. It has a heavy […]

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Lodge Grill Pan Review

Lodge Grill Pan is one of the most affordable cast iron grill pan out there. When its raining outside and you are craving BBQ, the grill pan is the best alternative. However, there seems to be some confusion about how the grill pan works. Things like ridge height, construction and […]

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Lodge Dutch Oven Review Cast Iron vs Enamel

Lodge Dutch Oven Cast Iron vs Enamel is there a performance between the two? While the majority of Lodge products is made in America, the enamel products are made in China. While it is not exactly clear why this was done, I suspect it was because of environmental regulation. Given […]

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Lodge Cast Iron Wok Review

Lodge Cast Iron Wok is essentially a bowl. In a traditional wok, those are designed to be moderately light. It is meant to toss food with simple jerk of the arm. This allows Chinese Chef to cook food with blazing speed. However, our home fire has limitation that restaurant dont […]

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Lodge Rust Eraser Review

I was intrigued when I saw that Lodge Instagram post about their “New Rust Eraser”. I have never encountered a eraser that can magically rub off Rust, in the past, I just used sand paper. However, further digging revealed that Lodge Rust Eraser is not something new. First of all, […]

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Best Frying Pan for Steak

Steak like hamburger is an American classic. Given our love of steaks, one of the worst thing you can do is use the wrong pan. While nonstick is a popular choice, it gives you horrible result. It’s simply too light to give a good sear. Not to mention the heat […]

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Nest Cast Iron Skillet Review

Nest is a relatively new company that got some of their funding via kickstarter. They produce a number of home products such as furniture and cookware. Nest Cast Iron cookware seems to replicate the smooth interior cooking surface that is coveted so much these day. For the most part, it […]

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