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Lodge Mini Skillet Review

Lodge Mini Skillet is one of the best gift for the cookware lover. Its cheap and cute and functional. While you cant cook much, in it, it is big enough for one egg. Or you can even use it as mini serving tray for snacks. It wont do much on the stove top though, but it is great as a oven tray. This review will take a closer look at the design and features of Lodge Mini Skillet.


Cast Iron is known for its heavy weight construction. It can hold a lot of heat and sear steak like no else. However, since this size is so small, you wont really get any meaningful searing done. What it does have is the seasoning. This seasoning protects the pan from rust and keeps it nonstick.

But even then, this seasoning is a bit of an hassle. You cant wash it with strong detergent and it can also stain white towels. Nevertheless, aficionado love the concept of seasoning their pan. They even get upset if you manage to strip it. Luckily, you can easily reapply it by coating with oil then baking it at 350 for half an hour. I do recommended keeping up with it if you plan on cooking eggs. They make for cute little circular eggs. You can serve it on a small plate and dress it up with some hot sauce.

Fit and Finish

The fit and finish is like other lodge product. There are some unfinished burr on the sides and a chipped off seasoning in the front. But it does not detract from the overall usability of it. The texture is rough so that it can help the seasoning stick and the lodge logo is stamped on the bottom.

Lodge Mini Skillet Review Thoughts

Overall, its a cute stocking stuffer. But its not really practical. You can use it as little serving tray if anything else. If you want to get fancy, get a olive wood board then place the skillet on top. You can place a cube of steak on top of it.

I hope you like this Lodge Mini Skillet review, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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