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Best Scissor and Kitchen Shears

Every Chef will tell you that the knife is a cooks best friend. It should be able to cut, dice and open just about anything. However, even though they think that the knife is a do it all tool, there are time where a Kitchen Shear will outperform a knife. […]

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How to Clean an Electric Kettle

Kettles are great tool. You can boil water virtually anywhere. All you need to do is plug it in and watch it boil. However, the biggest issue with them is simply cleaning. Often time the instruction tells you not to submerge it in water. So how do you clean it? […]

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Best Wok Ring

Woks are great tools. They can fry, stir fry, deep fry, boil and steam. However, traditional woks are not designed for the home kitchen. Its meant to be used on professional wok concave base. As a result, the bottom of traditional woks are round. This makes cooking at home difficult. […]

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Best Japanese Kitchen Knives Set

The Japanese are known for many things, perhaps one of the best known products are their knives. After the Samurai ban, the demand of the swords start to decline. Having no where else to go, they started manufacturing knives. These knives carry the same craftsmanship as the master blade smith […]

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Panasonic Flashxpress Compact Toaster Oven Review

Panasonic are known for their electronics. Hailing from Japan, their products are considered to be one of the best in the industry. However, perhaps one of my favorite appliance from them is the Panasonic Flashxpress. Its a compact toaster oven that packs high heat in a tiny package. When in […]

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Best Cookbooks of All Time

Before there was the internet, there was cookbooks. Home cooks uses these books as their point of reference. While Cookbooks are not as popular these days, they are still essential source of information. Often time these recipes and information are provided by experts and not some random bloggers. However, due […]

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Air Fryer vs Microwave

Air Fryer vs Microwave. Since its inception, the Microwave revolutionized how we eat. Its quick, effective and most importantly, convenient. However, a new type of appliance is taking the cooking world by storm, the Air Fryer. It promises to give you deep fried like food without the splatter. Like the […]

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Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers Review

Storage is a great way to get organize, keep food fresh and prevent spill. However, this simple device has so many flaws. They leak, break and simply dont last. Thankfully, rubbermaid has built something extraordinary. Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers are durable, spill proof and stacks easily. In my experience, […]

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Best Jar Opener Tool

Jars are great, they revolutionized how we eat. They make food that is quickly spoiled can now last years. As a result, we can store tons of food and eat it when fresh food is scarce. However, these jars can sometimes be difficult to open. Whether its due to arthritis […]

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Best Mini and Small Stand Mixer

For the Baker, a stand mixer is the most useful tool. It takes cares of tough dough, whip eggs and mix food with ease. However, the problem with stand mixer is that they are big and heavy. Thankfully, manufacturer have you in mind. They have now make a wide variety […]

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