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Best Mini and Small Stand Mixer

For the Baker, a stand mixer is the most useful tool. It takes cares of tough dough, whip eggs and mix food with ease. However, the problem with stand mixer is that they are big and heavy. Thankfully, manufacturer have you in mind. They have now make a wide variety of Mini and Small Stand Mixer can do the job of their bigger brother. However, not all mini stand mixers are the made the same. The Best Small Stand Mixer, uses a heavy metal casted construction with a double planetary rotation.

Features to Look for in a Small Stand Mixer

Lightest Weight Stand Mixer?

Light stand mixer are nice in theory. They wont break your back and you can move it around easily. However, for a stand mixer, being heavy is good. It keeps the mixer stable when in use. When you are mixing heavy dough, lighter mixer will shake and move. A heavy stand mixer will stay in place.

Some mixer use suction cup on the base and it does work. However, those thing work a bit too well. When it latches on, it stays on. Trying to move it around will have you prying at it a bit too hard. You’re better off by just getting a heavy mixer.

If you need a light stand mixer, you are better off getting a hand mixer. They are powerful enough to whip and whisk most stuff. Although they are not suitable for dough.


Whats the point of a mixer if it doesnt mix? Cheaper mixer uses a fix beater. This means that the beater is stationary. The bowl is moved either manually or automatically. Better Mixer uses a planetary motion where the beater move in a circular motion. Some has a double planetary rotation. Not only does it move it in a circle, the beater also moves in a circular motion. Stand mixer with this features mixes the best. And the base itself remain stationary.

Other Function

Stand mixers are big, so it would be great if it can do other function. As far as I know, only kitchenaid mini stand mixer can accept attachment. It uses the same motor that it uses for mixing. But instead of driving the beater on the bottom, it drives the attachment. Some of the features of the attachment include meat grinder, spiralizer, pasta maker and more. This is great especially if you need to save space. These appliance separately are often full size and the same size as the small stand mixer.


Since these mixer are smaller, the capacity for mixing is smaller as well. Generally, you get 3-3.5 quarts of capacity. For smaller stuff, it works just fine. But if you want to make big batches of meringue, then you might need a bigger one. The good thing is that our winning mixer can fit a bit more than advertised.


Finally, construction tells you how much the manufacturer put into the machine. Full die cast construction are the best. They are the heaviest and most costly to make. However, this also make it the most solid and durable. Lesser mixer uses plastic construction to make it lighter and cheaper to manufacturer. While they can still mix, it just does not feel as nice.

Best Mini and Small Stand Mixer

Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Mini and Small Stand Mixer. The choices are limited, but those that are available, are good. They come in different price point, get one that best suits your need.

KitchenAid KSM3316XCU Artisan Mini Stand Mixers, 3.5 quart (Best Overall)

Kitchenaid is known as the best stand mixer all around. It became the defacto mixer overtaking the popular Sunbeam mixer of the early 1900’s. Today, they are known as the go to mixer for quality, performance and durability. This is true for the Mini Stand Mixer. Only can it mix well, it takes attachment to make it truly versatile and space saving. The downside is that its expensive and out of reach for most home cook. But if you can afford it, it will last a lifetime (Maybe).

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer, 4 Quarts, Dough Hook (Best Buy)

Hamilton Beach is the best buy in this category. While its not truly tiny, its smaller than your average full size mixer. It has a planetary rotation letting it mix fully with a hands free approach. The motor is solid and should be able to mix bread dough with ease. The problem with this model is its plastic construction. Its just not as durable as the kitchenaid model.

Dash Stand Mixer (Electric Mixer for Everyday Use): 6 Speed Stand Mixer (Most Affordable Option)

Dash is a great alternative for the budge orientated. At a fraction of the price, it should mix most task. However, its also significantly weaker than Kitchenaid. I wouldn’t use it for heavy mixing task like bread dough. The mixer is also fixed unlike kitchenaid mixer. To get it fully incorporated, you have to manually move the bowl around. With that being said, it is great for lighter task such as whipping eggs or simple mixing. At a fraction of the price of our winner, its the most affordable option.


While it might sound cliche, Kitchenaid still makes the best small mixer. Its durable, with a heavy metal construction. The mixing is the best of the bunch and its other attachment makes it the most versatile and compact. However, its also expensive, you can find other alternative such as Hamilton Beach or Dash. Both of which will work, but does not hold a candle to kitchenaid.

Looking for a hand mixer? Check out our article for the Best Hand Mixer.

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