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Best Hand Mixer With Dough Hooks, Whisk and Beater

Hand Mixers are one of the best kitchen appliance to have. They are small, compact and max things like making cookie, dough and whipping egg a breeze. Best of all, you do not have to bring out the heavy mixer. However, the market is flooded with hand mixers of questionable quality. Some don’t even have a good selection of beater attachment. This article will list some of the best Hand Mixers With Dough Hooks, beater and whisk on the market.

Best Hand Mixer with Dough Hooks, Beater and Whisk List

While there are many options on the market, most do not come with a whole list of accessories. The model listed here are among some of the most powerful and best rated on the market.

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage

Cuisinart makes one of the best hand mixer on the market. It features a powerful 220 watt motor that should mix most food. It has 9 variable speed to whip, mix, and knead dough. This model comes with a convenient storage case for the various attachment. You do not have to buy separate accessories just to get it to work. The controls are easy to use as well, you adjust the speed via the button on top.

VonShef Hand Mixer Whisk (Best Buy)

If youre on a budget, consider the model by Von Shef. Their hand mixer actually has a higher wattage then Cuisinart. The speed setting is only at 5 speed but it should still be enough to do what you need. You can also easily adjust the speed setting with a simple thumb flick. This model comes with 3 type of attachment so you dont need to buy separate accessories.

KitchenAid 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer (Honorable Mention)

Kitchenaid is one of the most well known mixer in the world. As such, their hand mixer is quite popular. There are many iteration of their mixer, but this model is the top of their line. It comes in at 9 setting with 4 different whisk attachment. On amazon it has over 3 thousand rating with 4.5 star. The only downside is the power rating, It looks to be less than 200 and not up to the task for mixing dough.

Things to Look for in a Hand Mixer

While there are many things to look for in a mixer, the main thing that it comes down to is power. Power is measured in Wattage. The higher the wattage, the more powerful it is. This means if you intend to mix cookie batter or other thicker food, you need more power.

Best Wattage for a Hand Mixer

Most hand mixer should average around 200ish wattage. While standing mixer can average around 300-600 watts. While you might wonder why not just make a hand mixer super powerful? The main issue is your arm strength. If you cannot handle the power, it will most likely go out of control and fly off your hand. Worse yet it might get caught in your finger.

Speed Settings

Hand mixers usually come in various speed. You will use different setting based on what you are making. If you just want to mix thing, then a high speed setting is your best option. However, if you want to mix heavy things, a low speed will be better. Lower grade model will usually have five speed. Higher grade model will usually have 9 speeds.


The standard attachment is the beater mixer. It should be able to mix most things your need. However, the whisk are better for things that are more liquid. They do a faster job at incorporating everything. The dough mixer are better for mixing heavier dough like cookie dough or possibly bread.

Can Hand Mixer Knead Dough

Yes and No, while it can mix dough, it cannot do the same job as a stand mixer. Try to keep the quantity of dough mixed low. If you mix something that is too thick, you can burn out the motor. You can usually tell if something is too thick if the motor stalls. If that happens, I recommend you stop the machine and use a less thick dough.

Best Hand Mixers With Dough Hooks, Whisk and Beater Thoughts

While a hand mixer is not as powerful as a stand mixer, they are great to have. You can pretty much mix anything except for heavy bread dough. Depending on what you need, you should factor in power. Try to get one that is at least 200 watts. This let you mix some of the more stubborn mix. The model listed above all comes with at least three attachment, this way you dont have to spend more money on other accessories.

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