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  • Best Fish Poacher - Fish is one of the Healthiest food you can eat. They are lean in fat and dont leave you filling bloated. The little fat they have are healthy omega 3 fatty acid. Best of all, eating fish reduce your environmental impact. There are many ways you can cook egg, from frying to steaming. But one […]
  • Best Electric Wok, Induction Heating vs Electric - Woks are rising in popularity, they are great for stir frys, steaming and even deep frying. However, not everyone have access to a stove. Luckily, manufacturer have thought of a solution, a electric wok! However, the thing is, most electric wok dont really work that well. They’re not durable and do not get hot enough. […]
  • Best Heart Shaped Cake Pan and More - Valentine day is almost here and what better way to show love than with heart shaped food. You can either fry beaten eggs or bake a pizza. However, I recommend baking cakes and brownies for the best result. They give you the most artistic freedom when decorating. Not only that, who doesnt love eating sweet […]
  • Best Crepe Pan - Crepes are French Style Pancakes. Instead of thick and fluffy, it is thin and often stuffed with fruits. The technique and equipment needed to make crepe are a little bit different than your standard pancake. With crepes, you need a spreader to make it thin and uniform. The Best Crepe Pan are usually nonstick and […]
  • Best Tea Brewer Pot and Infuser - Even though Coffee is the beverage of choice in America, Tea is steadily gaining in popularity. It has less caffeine and comes in quite a bit more flavor. Best of all, they taste good no matter what temperature they’re at. However, since its rarely drank, most people do not even have the right tool to […]

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