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  • Best Comal Pan - The Best Comal Pan are used to make tortilla, cook meat, toast spices and many more. While Comal Pans are mostly used in mexico. Its flat like shape can be used in so much more. Such as cooking eggs, crepe, or even pancakes. In the USA, the griddle pan resembles it the most. In fact, […]
  • Best Pie Iron aka Hobo Pie or Pudgy Pie - Best Pie Iron aka Pudgy Pie will making melting hot cheese sandwich. They are usually made with cast iron and goes right over the flame. Great for when you go out camping or just even at home. These long handle cookware are great for melting and heating any sandwich. They develop an outer crust with […]
  • Best Stroopwafel Iron - The Best Stroopwafel Iron makes thin and crispy waffels. You need something that can get hot enough and heavy enough to press it out. In european countries, you can often often find these irons made of cast irons. However, in America, most are made using either aluminum casting or an electrical machine. While you can […]
  • Le Creuset Stockpot Review - Le Creuset Stockpot is perfect for boiling pasta, make stocks and cooking seafood. It comes with the traditional color of Le Creust cookware such as cerise, mariselle or even flame. Not only that, it has large and comfortable handle. However, there are a few downsides you should be aware of. Things like enamel chipping and […]
  • Best Rosette Iron - The Best Rosette Iron these days are made of aluminum. In the past, these irons were mainly made of cast iron. However, they lack the heat conductivity and lightness of modern day aluminum version. There are a few manufacture that make these irons. However, perhaps the most famous is Nordic Ware. But other cheaper alternative […]

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