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  • Best Crepe Spreader and Spatula - Making crepes can be a challenge. They need to thin and in tack. However, if you make it too thin, it will tear easily. Luckily, there are dedicated Crepe Spreader and Spatula to help in this task. They lets you control the overall diameter and thickness of the crepe. While the most traditional Crepe Spreader […]
  • Best Compact and Small Toaster Oven - Toaster Oven are used more than just toasting toast. Nowadays you can bake, broil and even air fry food. Its a great alternative to a full on oven. However, they can take quite a bit of space. Luckily, they make many good compact version. Your option will vary from basic to complex. Usually the more […]
  • Best Compact and Small Toaster - A toaster is a fantastic appliance to have. You use it everyday for breakfast and it makes the perfect toast each time. However, toaster takes up a lot of space. Whether its for storage or just resting on the table, it can be a bit cumbersome. Luckily manufacturer have produce toaster for those who are […]
  • Best Hand Mixer With Dough Hooks, Whisk and Beater - Hand Mixers are one of the best kitchen appliance to have. They are small, compact and max things like making cookie, dough and whipping egg a breeze. Best of all, you do not have to bring out the heavy mixer. However, the market is flooded with hand mixers of questionable quality. Some don’t even have […]
  • Best Retro Toaster - Nothing brings beauty and style like a vintage retro toaster. While you can find some good quality vintage toaster, they carry some risk. Some of which are asbestos wiring or just electrical hazard. Luckily, today manufacturer makes toaster with the same mid century style that your parents use to have. There are quite a few […]

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