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  • Best Jar Opener Tool - Jars are great, they revolutionized how we eat. They make food that is quickly spoiled can now last years. As a result, we can store tons of food and eat it when fresh food is scarce. However, these jars can sometimes be difficult to open. Whether its due to arthritis or just weak arm strenght. […]
  • Best Mini and Small Stand Mixer - For the Baker, a stand mixer is the most useful tool. It takes cares of tough dough, whip eggs and mix food with ease. However, the problem with stand mixer is that they are big and heavy. Thankfully, manufacturer have you in mind. They have now make a wide variety of Mini and Small Stand […]
  • Circulon Premier Professional 13 Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set Review - Nonstick cookware is a essential part of a kitchen. Nothing sticks making life easier. With a nonstick pan, novices can even cook like a professional. However, there are a lot of junk on the market. Circulon Premier Professional might seem like an average pan, but its actually a pretty decent pan. It uses anodized coating […]
  • T-fal Natura Titanium Nonstick Review - T-fal Natura is the new nonstick on the block. Instead of Teflon that T-Fal is known for, they have now incorporated the granite nonstick coating. It uses a ceramic base design that is PFOA free and supposedly more healthy than traditional Teflon. Nonstick coating aside, perhaps the best thing about this pan is its cast […]
  • Best Non Stick Pan for High Heat - Non Stick Pan revolutionized the cookware industry. Food that is normally difficult to cook is now a breeze. However, the problem with nonstick pans is that they dont do well with high heat. Most nonstick pans are flimsy, light and thin. If you drop food in it, the pan will turn cold. Thankfully, some manufacturer […]

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