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  • Kakigori aka Pat Bingsu Shaved Ice - Kakigori or Pat BingSu is a popular shaved ice dish found throughout asia. What the dessert consists of is finely shaved ice topped with Condense Milk and various condiments. Depending on which part of Asia you go to, you might find different ingredients. However, the most common one you will find is often condense milk […]
  • Best Sake Warmer - Sake is one of the versatile alcoholic drink. It can be enjoyed at varying temperature much like tea. The effects that temperature have on sake is dramatic. Cooler temperature sake has more clean flavors but less umami. Where as warmer sake is more rich and gives off a more umami flavor. The traditional way of […]
  • Best Cast Iron Griddle - Cast Iron Griddle are great for pancakes, steak, eggs and more. They offer a wide flat surface with little to no sides. This makes it easy to flip, turn and cook food. There are quite a few different variety in the market. Most comes double sided for maximum versatility but some are just flat. However, […]
  • Best Noodle Strainer - Noodle Strainer are used to cook, dry and strain noodles. You see it all over noodles shops throughout Asia. They are designed so that it will hang off a large pot of boiling water. Once done, you lift and shake all the excess liquid out. By straining the liquid thoroughly, you prevent water from diluting […]
  • Best Konro Grill the Yakitori Grill - Konro Grill are insulated Japanese grill designed for intense heat grilling. It is commonly used in Japan for BBQ. Perhaps one of the most popular dish cooked is Yakitori. Some might wonder what makes it so different? Unlike traditional grills, Konro Grill are insulated and burn clean with Binchotan, a Japanese charcoal. They concentrate the […]

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