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Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pan

The Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pan has no chemical coating at all. Forget about ceramic and forget about teflon. While teflon is the gold standard of nonstick cookware, it release fumes when its overheated. Ceramic has no chemical at all, but the issue is that they simply dont last. Not exactly the best nonstick cookware is it. The best Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pan is actually either cast iron or carbon steel. They develop a nonstick coating overtime. I compiled a guide to help you decide which is the Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pan out there.

Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pan Quick Summary

Lodge Chef Collection Skillet

De Buyer Mineral B Skillet
ColorsBlack with UseBlack with Use
Oven Safe500 Degree Fahrenheit Plus400 Degree Fahrenheit
Brand AwarenessAmericaAmerica and Europe
Pouring LipYesNo
ThoughtsA modern take on a traditional cast iron pan. The gentle sloping interior with its low sidewall makes it the best cast iron skillet out there.For a lighter option, De Buyer Carbon steel skillet is a great alternative. It is one of the few with a helper handle the size is great for searing two steaks.
Reviewed CookwareLodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet. Cast Iron Skillet with Dual Handles and Sloped Sides.De Buyer MINERAL B Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan 12.5-Inch – 5610.32

What is PFOA and PTFE

PFOA is a chemical used in the manufacuturing of nonstick cookware. It has been known to cause cancer and a wide variety of damaging affect to the environment. While it rarely ends up in the cookware, it is best to avoid it if you care about the environment.

PTFE is a chemical that is commonly used in manufacturing Teflon. At temperature of 572 degree fahrenheit and above, it released fumes that can cause flu like symptom. This symptom is knwon as teflon flu and has been known to kill small birds. If you keep small birds in your house, I recommend avoiding it.

There are some fear in regards to flaking teflon. Based on the studies I found, ingesting teflon does not cause any harm. While I do not recommend eating it, there should be no danger when ingesting it. It should pass right through your body without any issues.

Chemical Free Cookware

There are quite a few chemical free cookware out there. Things like stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron or carbon steel, do not use chemical in the coating. However, Aluminum can affect you if you have a very high sensitivity to aluminum. Usually the dosage is so low you wont be affected by it.

These cookware are usually made via a hydraulic press or a sand mold. As such, a chemical layer is not needed. The problem is that stainless steel and aluminum is not non stick. You need practice and skill to be able to cook with them.

Luckily, carbon steel and cast iron can develop a pretty good nonstick coating. The other metal can do that also but they do not adhere to the seasoning as well.

Cast Iron or Carbon Steel

Cast iron and Carbon Steel is actually pretty similar in terms of performance. The heat distribution is about the same and they share similar density. The major difference is the weight. Expect carbon steel to be half the weight of cast iron. They are great for older people with arthritis. The only issue is that they do not have the same searing power of cast iron. You need the heft if you plan on searing a lot of steak. You should get one based on your preference.

Since these two are the best metal for a nonstick cookware. I will list two skillet that you should consider.

Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pan (Cast Iron)

Lodge Chef Collection is one of the best non toxic non stick pan out there. If you want a cast iron pan, this is the way to go.


This is something that most people overlook. The shape of the skillet affects how the frying pan performs greatly. If you have too tall of a sidewall, steam condenses and cause food to steam. This also gets in the way when your flipping with a spatula. You want a pan with a short sidewall with a gentle interior. Not a sharp angular one. Unfortunately, these type of design usually require casting and that cost more than a stamped out sheet.

Luckily, lodge chef collection has all of the trait. It is unfortunate that most people do not know it exist. It has all the point that a modern skillet should have. A low sidewall with a gentle interior. It is perfect for frying and searing food.

It also have pouring lips on either side of the pan. This makes draining liquid like sauces or fat easy. No more dripping on your counter top.


The handle is moderately comfortable. While it does get screaming hot, it does allow for a higher oven safe temperature. You should be able to stick it in oven with a temperature of 500 degree and above. It also has a helper handle on the other side to help lift and carry the pan.

Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pan (Carbon Steel)

De Buyer Mineral B is the Best non toxic non stick pan for carbon steel. The 12 inch model has a helper handle and it has enough room for you to sear two steaks.


The shape is not as good as the lodge model. It has sharp corner and tallish sidewall. But it does flare out to promote evaporation of liquid. This design is more geared toward restaurant professionals. It is industrial in design and is meant for high heat application.


The handle leaves something to be desired also. It is a simple bar that is not very comfortable. What is good is that its long and you have very good reach. It will get hot so be careful about that. If you want a simple no frill handle, this is the way to go. However, they also make a version with the Eiffel tower. Neat to get if you want something collectible.

Best Non Toxic Non Stick Pan Thoughts

Overall, both cast iron or carbon steel are the best non toxic non stick pan out there. If you can handle the heft of cast iron, the one made by Lodge is a great choice. However, if you want something a little lighter than De Buyer Mineral B should be the one to get. You wont be disappointed by either one.

If you want more information about the difference between cast iron and cast iron, check out my Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel Cookware Article.

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