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Preserved Plum

Preserved Plum Candy is a traditional Chinese Candy. It is dried to a jerky like texture. The flavor is quite pungent and off putting for those who have never eaten it. Most would just put the whole thing in the mouth. To eat it properly, you are only suppose to […]

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Shrimp Snacks Review

Marco Polo Brand Shrimp Snacks are light shrimp flavor chips. It is one of the most popular snacks in Asia. While most people in the states are only aware of it in bag form. In South East Asia, they are known locally as prawn crackers. Shrimp Snacks come in a […]

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Yan Yan Cookies

Yan Yan Cookies is a Japanese snack that is well known throughout asia. It consists of a container with a bunch of cookie sticks. At the top, there is a well of confectionery ranging from chocolate to strawberry. The flavor really depends on the type of variety the manufacturer decide […]

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Hello Panda Cookies Review

Hello Panda Cookies is a Japanese chocolate filled snack. The exterior is a cookie crust with a variety of filling. The most popular flavor is the classic chocolate. However, things like strawberry and vanilla is eaten a lot as well. While the cookie crust is not shaped like a panda, […]

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Yeo Soy Milk Review

Yeo Soy Milk is a popular drink in Asia. Unlike the states, soy milk is drank more for pleasure rather than health. It is usually sweeten to give it a delectable flavor. However, because of rising concerns regarding sugar, soy milk can be found without sugar. While this drink is […]

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Hi Chew Candy Review

Hi Chew Candy is a Japanese edible bubble gum. Instead of lasting forever, you can actually swallow it. It is most famous for its fruity and citrus filled flavor. They come in a wide variety of flavor such as mango, watermelon, cherry, pineapple and more. While its a huge hit […]

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Haw Flakes Candy (山楂餠) Review

Haw Flakes Candy (山楂餠) are firecracker shaped candy that is popular in Asia. Inside there are individual wafers who has a sweet and tangy flavor. They stick to your teeth and are undoubtedly delicious. While they are often consume during the new year festivals they can be had year round. […]

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Chinese Clay Pot Rice

Chinese Clay Pot Rice Bowl or Bao Zai Fan (煲仔飯) is a staple in Chinese cuisine. This dish originated from the Guangdong region of China. Where rice is cooked in the bowl with meats and vegetables. If done right, the flavor will permeate throughout the bowl bringing in a aroma […]

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Want Want Shelly Senbei Rice Crackers

Want Want Shelly Senbei Rice Crackers is one of the Best Chinese Rice Cracker around. It has a mild salty flavor with a sugary frosting top. It is made by one of the biggest snack manufacturer in Taiwan. They come in a bag with individually packet crackers. This increases shelf […]

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Kopiko Coffee Candy Review

Kopiko Coffee Candy is an Indonesian Coffee Candy. It is commonly eaten by children and known for its strong coffee flavor. They are currently available all around the world, however it is still relatively unknown in the states. There are two major flavor, the original and the cappuccino flavor. There […]

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