Food and Snack Review

Roasted Seaweed Snack

Roasted Seaweed Snack are one of the best snack for your health. The crispy texture with its salty and oily flavors are great by itself or paired with rice. While its relatively unknown in the west, it is commonly eaten in Asian household. Go to any supermarket and there are […]

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Nongshim Ramen Noodle Review

Nongshim Ramen Noodle is perhaps one of the best instant ramen on the market. Their most popular noodle is the Shin Ramyun. Known for its spicy flavor and satisfying chew, the noodle knows no equal. Not only is it popular in America, it is widely known throughout asia. If you […]

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Prestat Chocolate Review A British Classic

No other chocolate is as British as Prestat Chocolate. It has a flamboyant packaging pink and gold stripe throughout it. Not only that, it was endorsed by the queen herself. They carry a wide variety of funky flavors like Pink Everest or Tea Time Frolics. Although it is widely unknown […]

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Sesame Oil Guide

Our Sesame Oil Guide will try and help you get a better understanding of Sesame Oil. In Asian countries one of the most commonly used oil is Sesame Oil. Unlike olive oil, sesame oil is used primarily as a flavoring agent. While you can cook in it, doing so ruins […]

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Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits Review

Parrot Butter Coconut Biscuits is a cookie that is characterized with its sweet and coconut flavor. It is one of the most popular snacks among the Asian community. And it pairs perfectly with tea and cocounut. However, the popularity of this snack never grew in America. This article will go […]

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Congee (粥) Chinese Rice Porridge

France has Riz au lait, Italy has Risottoto and the Chinese have Congee. Congee is a Chinese Rice Porridge that is typically eaten at breakfast. Unlike its two sister, the consistency of congee is more viscous. There is less of a chew and its typically prepared as a savory dish. […]

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