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Lap Cheong aka Chinese Sausage

Although most people don’t know this, the Chinese have a long history of making charcuterie. Lap Cheong (臘腸) or Chinese Sausage is the most famous one of all. Based on the region you go to in Asia, they will have slight variations in size, texture and sweetness. Taiwanese even have […]

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DouGan Chinese Vegan Tofu

What is DouGan? DouGan (豆乾) is a Chinese Pressed Tofu that is usually marinated in five spice powder. It has a meaty texture that can simulate the taste of meat. Normal varieties of tofu has a completely different texture which does not give will not give the same satiation that […]

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Beef Drop Flank

What is Beef Drop Flank Beef Drop Flank is a cut of meat that is only seen in Asian Super Market. They typically look like a rolled red sushi in pink parchment paper. What most people don’t know, is that its one of the best braising meat available. The cut […]

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ShaCha Sauce The Chinese Satay

Shacha Sauce (沙茶醬) is the Chinese version of the Satay sauce that is found in south east asia. Instead of peanuts, it is made with dried lizard fish. The overall flavor of this dish is savory and it is commonly used in soups, hotpots and Stir Fry. Shacha was said […]

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What is Oyster Sauce?

History Oyster Sauce or otherwise known as Hao Yiu (蠔油) in Chinese, is a sauce made from the extract of Oyster. The founder Lee Kum Sheng supposedly overcooked oyster on accident and the end result was the sauce. He sold it as a condiment and eventually started the famous company […]

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Ramune Soda Review

Ramune soda is a Japanese Carbonated Drink that is often seen on Anime and Japanese television. Curious about the flavor and drink I decided to purchase a few to perform my own Ramune Soda Review. For the average American, most know little about this drink, including me. Finding it on […]

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