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Swiss Diamond Cookware Set Review

Swiss Diamond Cookware is a swiss brand of cookware with diamonds in it. Hence the name. Much like the diamond pans, they use particles of diamond in their cookware. This strengthen and reinforces the nonstick coating. While both brands give a perception of increase performance due to the diamonds, is […]

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Chefman Air Fryer Review

Chefman Air Fryer is one of the most popular air fryer out there. It uses less oil than a traditional deep fry and its easy to use and clean. No more dealing with huge vats of oil. It wont stink up your place nor will it make it sticky. Its […]

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Instant Pot Air Fryer Reviews

Instant Pot Air Fryer are a great way to cut down on the grease for a healthier way of eating. There is quite a few different models on the market. From the stand alone vortex to the air fryer lid. They are all designed a little differently. However, at its […]

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Best Double Burner Griddle

A Double Burner Griddle lets you harness the power of two stove top at once. These are excellent for when you need to cook a big batch of food. You can cook pancakes, eggs and bacon all at once. Its no wonder that its a favorites among many household in […]

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Best Blackstone Griddle

The Best Blackstone Griddle will sear steaks, fry eggs and cook anything you will ever need when camping. However, there is a lot of different configurations available. Making sense of all the different names and features can be a little confusing. This article will try and make sense of all […]

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Evo Grill Review

Evo Grill is one of the best outdoor grill around. You can cook for a whole family on their powerful flat griddle. Most have btu ratings between 30-48000. With a heat range of 225ºF to 525ºF. This lets you cook just about anything you want in your backyard. However, making […]

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Best Scone Baking Pan

The Best Scone Baking Pan will produce fluffy and light scone each time. They come in a variety of shapes. The most common one sold in the markets are circular. But really, they can be anything from triangles to a square. It really depends on the type of pan that […]

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Best Cast Iron Cornbread Pan

The Best Cast Iron Cornbread Pan will deliver a perfectly golden crust. There are many different varities on the market, some with an actual corn shape, other with a wedge like design. Luckily, they all make delicious corn bread. The cast iron construction will also ensure that it will develop […]

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Best Pelmeni Mold

Pelmeni Mold makes the repetitive task of making dumpling a breeze. All you need to do is lay down a sheet of dough and fill the cavity. Put another sheet and roll. You will get 30 plus Pelmeni in just a few minutes. Compare that with a individually wrap dumpling, […]

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Smeg Kettle Review

Smeg Kettle is taking the world by storm. Its beautiful Italian design and color is eye catching to say the least. It boils water quickly and features all sorts of fancy light. However, is all this flair and flamboyancy any good? At its core, the kettle design is still the […]

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