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Best Pelmeni Mold

Pelmeni Mold makes the repetitive task of making dumpling a breeze. All you need to do is lay down a sheet of dough and fill the cavity. Put another sheet and roll. You will get 30 plus Pelmeni in just a few minutes. Compare that with a individually wrap dumpling, you will literally save hours. There are a few different molds on the market. They vary is size, material and shape. While they all generally work, some are better than other. This article will list some of the Best Pelmeni Mold available.

Best Pelmeni Mold List

There are two main type of mold available. Plastic and metal one. The metal one are more durable and generally perform better. Plastic are around the same price but slightly lighter. In general, you should get the metal one if you can. There are two shapes avaialable, the hexagon and circle one. They both make the same amount, theyre just orientated differently. If the round one fits better in your pots, then you might save some space. But either one will work just fine. Below, you will find a list of some of the Best Pelmeni Mold.

Pelmeni Maker Russian Dumpling – Russian Ukraine Pelmeni Metal Mold

This mold can make 37 authentic Pelmeni. It uses a aluminum construction to keep it light. At the base, there are little feet to keep it up and away when you roll the dumpling out. It can also serve as a little trivet if you want it to. One thing to consider is that you should not run it through the dishwasher. It can ruin the appearance of it.

OFXDD Russian pelmeni Maker and Ravioli Maker

If you want a plastic modeld. OFXDD version also makes 37 dumpling and using it is just as easy as the metal one. It uses durable plastic and feets at its base. They come in a variety of color but only blue is currently available. This model is a round shape one so if you are short on space, you can drop it inside one of your frying pan to hide it.

What are Pelmeni?

Pelmeni are Russian Dumplings. They are smaller than your typical dumpling ranging in size from .8-1.2 inches. Their dough are typically thinner than other type of dumplings. Filling usually consists of meat from pork to vension, although some variety will include bits of vegetables. It can be eaten boiled or fried and are typically toped off with sour cream, red onion or vinegar. While this dish is generally unknown in the states, they are still quite popular in Russia, Ukraine and east europe.

Pelmeni vs Pierogi

Visually, the difference between Pierogi and Pelmeni is the shape. Pierogi resembles more of the traditional chinese dumpling Jiao Zi. It also have a wider range of fillings from meat, cheese, sauerkraut and even potato. In terms of texture, Pelmeni uses a very thin dough, where Pierogi might be slightly thicker. Both are popular in Easter and Europe. While one is not necessary better than the other, Pierogi are a little more well known.

How to Use a Pelmeni Mold

To start, roll out two sheet of dough really thin. You need it to cover the whole mold. Making it a bit larger is advisable for when you roll it out.

Dust the mold with flower and lay one sheet across the mold and start filling the cavities. I recommend that you use a 1/2 teaspoon measuring utensil to get consistent results throughout the dumplings. Then get the other sheet and place it on top of that.

Get a rolling pin and roll it out. The pressure from the pin should separate the dumplings from the mold. You can now boil and cook your Pelmeni.

Best Pelmeni Mold Thoughts

A Pelmeni Mold will make your life a lto easier. Homemade dumplings can be made in an hour as opposed to the whole day. If you eat dumpling semi regularly, I recommend that you get one of these. You can make giant batches of these and freeze them for later. It beats buying the prepackaged Pelmeni. While I personally prefer the metal model, the plastic model will work just as well.

I hope you like this article on the Best Pelmeni Mold, Rolling Pin and Turning Stick, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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