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Swiss Diamond Cookware Set Review

Swiss Diamond Cookware is a swiss brand of cookware with diamonds in it. Hence the name. Much like the diamond pans, they use particles of diamond in their cookware. This strengthen and reinforces the nonstick coating. While both brands give a perception of increase performance due to the diamonds, is it really worth it. The prices of swiss diamond cookware is up there. Much higher than your cheaper alternative, diamond pan. This article will take a closer look at the company swiss diamond and see how their cookware is.

Swiss Diamond Cookware Set Review Quick Summary

Swiss Diamond 10 Piece Set: Ultimate Kitchen Kit
Brand AwarenessAmerica and Europe
Oven Safe Temperature500 Degree Fahrenheit
Pouring LipNo
ThoughtsThe cookware is a mixed bag. Their nonstick coating is better than the competition. However, a flimsy handle design and oddly shaped pots makes it a questionable choice, at the price. If it was cheaper, than it would be a winner.
Reviewed CookwareSwiss Diamond 10 Piece Set: Ultimate Kitchen Kit

Swiss Diamond Cookware History

Swiss Diamond Cookware was started in 1974 under the name HORT Coating. They developed and researched nonstick coating. Prior to the use of Diamonds in the nonstick, they used titanium. However, since Diamond is stronger and more thermal conductive than titanium, they soon switched to that. They even won awards in the geneva fair for their coating.

Today, they are most well known for their nonstick cookware. Although they do manufacturer cast iron pots, those other cookware are relatively unknown.

Why Diamond

Every metal has a thermal conductivity rating. This rating tells you how well it transfers heat. Most nonstick cookware these days uses either aluminum as its main construction. It is relatively cheap and conducts heat well. However, they are reactive to acidic food. To counter that, you can put on a coating that will prevent reaction and sticking. The problem is that the coating is plastic. Plastic has a much lower thermal conductivity then metal. You can partially negate this effect by reinforcing it with a object that has high thermal conductivity. In this case, its diamond. Diamond is actually one of the best heat conductor on earth. You factor that with its general durability, you get a winner of a choice.

However, the truth is not that great. The bulk of the thermal conductivity work is done by the body construction. How well it transfer heat is mostly due to the aluminum and not the coating. What the coating does do is improve on plastic. Which cannot brown that well. So take the diamond coating with a grain of salt.

Swiss Diamond Cookware Design

This section will discuss the design and construction of Swiss Diamond Cookware. We will go over things like handle, shape and general construction.


The handle design on Swiss Diamond Cookware is pretty mediocre. It is affixed to a pot via a screw. These designs are generally bad. With use, the screws will become loose and the handle will start wiggling. A riveted design is actually a lot better than this. Interesting enough, these handle design were a lot more common during the mid century. The good thing about it is that its plastic and wont get hot. What I am most surprised by these handle is the oven temperature rating. According to the website, the oven safe temperature is at 500 degree F. This is much higher than most other manufacturer, even those with metal handle…


The shape of the cookware is alright. The skillet resembles that of a traditional french skillet. The sides are relatively low to aid in liquid evaporation and searing. Taller sidewall can trap moisture steaming food. A lower sidewall also means that you can slip in a spatula a lot easier. What is bad about it is that there is no rolled lip. If you go to pour liquid, it will run down the side.

The pots are weirdly shaped though. It goes from a small base to a larger rim. Manufacturer usually do this to save cost on the metal. By expanding the rim, you can fit more liquid inside. Making it bigger than usual.

Disc Bottom Construction

Some manufacturer will stick a stainless steel base on nonstick cookware. They do this for a few reason. One, it makes it heavier, this lets it hold more heat when you go to sear food. Second is that it makes it compatible with induction cookware. For a pan to be compatible with induction, you need something that has a magnetic pull. Since aluminum has a very magnetic pull, they can overcome this by putting stainless steel at its base. One more benefit is its supposed flatness, this is only important form electric style of cookware. If you have a gas one, it doesnt matter that much if it warps.

Nonstick Coating

The nonstick coating is one of the best and worse thing about these pans. They all perform well when new. However, these are a wear item that cannot be fixed. Overtime, it will loose its effectiveness regardless of what you do. However, you can prolong it by using low heat and avoiding metal utensils. Minor tears and scratch will only degrade the pan performance and cause it to fail. Overheating it can also cause it to release fumes that can cause flue like symptoms. This is known as teflon flu. You can temper the heat by always adding oil to a cold pan, not hot.

What is interesting about swiss diamond cookware is they listed their testing method. They supposedly used 8,000 strokes of coarse sandpaper. It apparently outperformed the competition.

What is PFOA? PFOA is an environmental pollutant that can cause cancer and all sorts of nasty stuff. They use to use it in manufacturing but after the news got out, it was stigmatized. As such, swiss diamond cookware uses no PFOA in their manufacturing process.

Swiss Diamond Cookware Set Thoughts

Overall, Swiss Diamond Cookware is kind of a mixed bag. For starters, their handle design is not that great, but their oven safe temperature is at 500 degree Fahrenheit. A impressive feat even for metal handle cookware. Their nonstick coating is a little better than other manufacturer, however, you are also paying for it. In terms of cookware shape, it looks like cost was more of a important factor than performance. So while it has its bad points, it also have good sides to it.

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