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Chefman Air Fryer Review

Chefman Air Fryer is one of the most popular air fryer out there. It uses less oil than a traditional deep fry and its easy to use and clean. No more dealing with huge vats of oil. It wont stink up your place nor will it make it sticky. Its an healthy alternative to deep fried. However, what most people dont know is that these air fryer are mostly the same. There are only minute differences between the brand. This review will take a closer look at the design and features.

Instant Pot Air Fryer lid Review Quick Summary

Chefman Digital 6.5 Liter Air Fryer Oven with Space Saving Flat Basket
Brand AwarenessUSA
Power1700 watts
Preset CookingYes
Capacity6.5 Liter
ThoughtsThe Chefman air fryer is a pretty good air fryer. The perforated basket and the generous 1700 watts of power ensure that it will fry things with ease. You will use little to no oil and you dont even have to preheat it. Having said that, the design is pretty much like all the other manufacturer out there. While its good, its not really better. They all kind of work.
Reviewed CookwareChefman Digital 6.5 Liter Air Fryer Oven with Space Saving Flat Basket

Is Chefman a Good Brand?

The company is relatively new. They dont even have a history section on their website. Their range of products is also quite limited. However, the products that they do have, appeal to the mass consumer. For that reason, there are a huge amount of people buying their stuff. From their product line, it all seems like repackaged things from China. This is not really bad, but not exactly innovative. You should get the same type of performance that you would get from other manufacturers.

Chefman Air Fryer Design

This section will talk about the design and features of a Chefman Air Fryer.

What can you Cook in a Chefman Air Fryer?

You can cook quite a bit in the Chefman Air Fryer. Things like fries, vegetables and even chicken. How it works is by circulating hot air throughout the pot. Much like a convection oven but more compact. These air fryer usually have a giant fat next to a heating coil. The basket below will usually have perforated holes to let the hot air penetrate. As it does this, the surface of the food will dry up and crisp. Because of this design, preheating is usually not necessary.

What air fryer cant do well is things that uses conductive heating. Stuff you will cook on a griddle like steaks and eggs. Since the direct heat isn’t as intense, you cannot get the same effect. One other thing to note, is that it cannot deep fry. So do not try to add oil trying to get the same effect. You can coat the food with oil but its not the same effect.


Depending on the model you get, there will be different wattage rating. The maximum power output for a home appliance is 1800 watts. Most air fryer on the market will output around 1500 watts. Which is plenty, but more is generally better. On the smaller sizes of the Chefman air fryer, those will only have 1200 watts. I would avoid it since it cannot crisp as well. The larger model like the one at 6.5 liter will have a whopping 1700 watts. If you can afford it, try to get that one. Its not even that much more expensive than the smaller one.

Basket Design

Basket design is actually very important in a air fryer. Since hot air needs to circulate through the food. You need something with a lot of holes. This way you get a nice distribution of heat across the food. In the chefman basket, there are lines at the bottom of the sides. This is designed to maximize the circulation of air. I have seen other air fryer models with no side perforated holes and they dont perform as well.

Another great thing about chefman air fryer is the front handle design. This lets you remove the basket easily. Usually you need to toss the food halfway brown it evenly. If you have a lid design like the one on the instant pot, those are a huge hassle. You have to remove the lid and grab the hot pot to toss. A front basket design is better overall.

Is Air Frying Healthier?

Its less calorie dense than a deep fry. Take for example chicken wing. You will typically dip it in batter than use oil to crisp up the exterior. That exterior is filled with oil. In an air fryed method, it might be lightly coated with corn starch, but the only fat is from the skin of the wings. It is the skin that crisp up, not the batter. In terms of nutrition, its not really better than the other. However, if you are looking after your waist line, then its a good choice.


These baskets are relatively easy to clean. It has nonstick coating so fat and food will come off relatively easy. They are dishwasher safe but I personally recommend that you wash it by hand. This makes the coating last longer. You just need to use a sponge and rinse it off afterward.

Chefman air fryer Review Thoughts

Chefman air fryer is a pretty good air fryer. However, most of the air fryer on the market is pretty good. They all generally work better. There might be some control or power difference but its usually minor. I recommend that you get one that best suits you. You should look at basket size and design. The more power it has the better it is. And finally for the basket, I recommend that you get a front loaded design. They are the easiest to use.

I hope you like this Chefman air fryer Review, for more air fryer review, check out my Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Article page.

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