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Fissler Cookware Set Review

Fissler Cookware is one of the best german cookware brand around. They are most well known for their pressure cooker. From the build quality to the finish, they are unrivaled in that category. However, they also make some pretty popular pots and pans. Perhaps what is most famous about them […]

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Best Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

The Best Heart Shaped Waffle Maker will make a delicious golden crust without tearing. There are quite a few different varieties of these heart waffle maker. They come in different material shape and construction. But at its core, it is just a simple waffle iron. The only difference is the […]

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Best Steam Pudding Mold

Steam Pudding Mold can be used to make a variety of food. They are shaped like a Bundt pan with a fluted center and ridges on the exterior. However, the main difference is a tight fitting lid. While its not common in the states, its popular in europe. Most have […]

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Best Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan

The Best Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan should be able to turn out perfectly golden paddu each time. They come in a variety of shape and materials. They vary both in diameter and metal used. In the states, specialized Paniyaram Pan are rare. However, there exist a very similar pan, called the […]

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Best Bubble Waffle Maker

The Best Bubble Waffle Maker comes in many different configuration. In a professional kitchen, they might use giant electric model. However, street vendors in hong kong still use the traditional iron pan. They come in many different configuration from cast iron to aluminum. All of them work, but comes with […]

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Smeg Toaster Review

Smeg Toaster is one of the most stunning toaster. They bring back the retro vibe with its wide variety of color and stunning curve. This Italian designed toaster is a chance to spruce up your kitchen. However, the main issue is the price of it. It seems like most if […]

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Best Comal Pan aka Tortilla Pan

While Comal Pans are mostly used in mexico. Its flat like shape can be used for so much more. Cooking eggs, crepe, or even pancakes are a breeze because of its low sides. In the USA, the griddle pan are the closet in terms of design. In fact, you can […]

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Best Pie Iron aka Hobo Pie or Pudgy Pie

Best Pie Iron aka Pudgy Pie will making melting hot cheese sandwich. They are usually made with cast iron and goes right over the flame. Great for when you go out camping or just even at home. These long handle cookware are great for melting and heating any sandwich. They […]

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Best Stroopwafel Iron

The Best Stroopwafel Iron makes thin and crispy waffels. You need something that can get hot enough and heavy enough to press it out. In european countries, you can often often find these irons made of cast irons. However, in America, most are made using either aluminum casting or an […]

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