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Best Lefse Grill, Rolling Pin and Turning Stick

What is the Best tools for making Lefse? Usually, you want a griddle that is big and flat. Pans with no ridges are the easiest to work with. Rolling Pins are usually corrugated to help flatten and prevent it from sticking. Even the turning stick is specialized to help deal with the sheer size of it. This article will list list some of the Best Lefse Grill, Rolling Pin and Turning Stick around. Hopefully it will help you make lefse a lot less challenging.

Best Lefse Grill, Rolling Pin and Turning Stick List

Below you will find some of the Best Lefse Grill Around. We included some substitute because the options are little limited. Besides, you can use those tops to make other stuff as well.

Bethany Housewares 760 Lefse Starter Kit (Best Overall)

For those who are just starting out. Bethany Housewares made a convenient pack with all the traditional tools. They are one of the very few manufacturer who actually manufacturer traditional Lefse tools. Their grill top is electric so you can make it right on the table. They come in either a aluminum or nonstick variety. However, I recommend the aluminum one for longevity. The best part is that it has no lip for easy turning. If you do not want the kit, you can purchase the Grill Separately.

Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker, 13 Inch Griddle & Spatula (Best Buy)

If you want an alternative and smaller model then proctor silex is a good choice. While its meant more for crepe, it can work just as well. Just a little bit smaller. The griddle has a nonstick coating to prevent anything from sticking. Temperature can be adjusted as well. It comes with a spreader and turning stick for crepe batter but that can be used for other food as well.

Lodge Baking Pan (Best Cast Iron Alternative)

Alternatively, if you want something a little cheaper lodge is a great choice. It does not have a slight lip but nothing that is not manageable. Its slightly smaller as well but you can use it to bake pizza. The heavy cast iron construction will pretty much last forever and you can cook other stuff like crepe.

What is Lesfe?

Lesfe is Norway own version of the flat bread. While they are traditionally made with potato, they can be made with other starch like flour. Lefse can be used in a variety of ways from sweet to savory. Depending on the region you go to, you might get it rolled with butter, sugar and cinnamon. Others might use it as a roll for a hot dog. However, I personally prefer the simple sour cream, fish and onion. It really can be used anywhere bread is used.

In the states, Lefse is eaten primarily during the holidays. Typically around thanksgiving and Christmas. Since its quite laborious to make it from start to finish, the whole family will gather around to make it. Making it a family tradition. Ironically in Norway, lefse is more commonly purchased in the store. During Christmas, they can sell 80,000 dollar worth of it.

How its Made?

Lefse is usually made with cooked potato that is milled fine. You can use a ricer to make it soft and pliable. Then butter, cream, salt, flour and sugar will usually get mixed in. Once done, it will be rolled into a ball and rolled out. It will then be cooked on a griddle to give it that brown spots for additional flavor. There are some specialty tools involved when making Lefse. Once such thing is the rolling pin.

Lefse Rolling Pin

Lefse Rolling Pin is distinct from a traditional rolling pin because of its corrugated edges. This edge will help push out any air bubbles and make it flatter. Because of the decreased surface area, it wont stick as much as a traditional rolling pin. You still have to flour it before use to get best use of it. Cleaning it can be a chore, but using a stiff brush will make quick work of it. All the flour should be easily removed when its dry. Then hand wash with soap and water and make sure to air dry. You should oil the rolling pin with Mineral Oil every once in a while to prevent it from drying out.

In a manufacturing plant, they will use industrial machine rollers.

Lefse Turning Stick

The turning sticks are also designed to help turn the Lefse. Because of the size of a lefse, the stick needs to be quite large. Larger then what you normally use to flip a burger. The stick resembles that of of a long sword. A wooden one is usually best as it will reduce the chance of you tearing the lefse.

Lefse Grill

Lefse Grill come in a few different material. The most common are aluminum and nonstick. However, in restaurant, they might use those commercial flat top grill because of the space. Nevertheless, the main goal is to have something wide and open for easy flipping. Usually you want something that is larger than 14 inch without a rim. This way it wont get in the way of flipping. There arent really a lot of available substitute of this size. The closest one would be a crepe pan but they usually dont come in this size. However, Lodge does make a 14 inch baking pan for pizza that can work. Its just that the Lefse will be a bit smaller.

Because of the texture and composition of Lefse, sticking really isn’t a problem. However, some might benefit from the nonstick as you can use it for more than just lefse. If not, then aluminum will work just fine. If you can find a carbon steel or cast iron one, those will work just as well. They just take a lot longer to heat up.

Best Lefse Grill, Rolling Pin and Turning Stick Thoughts

Lefse is a special type of flatbread. Making it can be quite challenging without the right tools. Some of them is interchangable with crepe pan. So if you get one, you should be able to make the other as well. Just be aware that Lefse are usually made in very large griddle. Just make sure you get one that fits your need. If you never made it before, we recommend the kit by Bethany Housewares. It should have all that you need to make it.

I hope you like this article on the Best Lefse Grill, Rolling Pin and Turning Stick, If you would like to see more, please visit our Pots and Pans Review page.

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