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Best Steam Pudding Mold

Steam Pudding Mold can be used to make a variety of food. They are shaped like a Bundt pan with a fluted center and ridges on the exterior. However, the main difference is a tight fitting lid. While its not common in the states, its popular in europe. Most have a fluted center so that heat can permeate through the pudding at a quicker rate. A light weight aluminum construction also ensures even heating throughout the baking process. But The Best Steam Pudding Mold will provide a nice seal when baking.

A variety of dish can be made with a steam pudding mold. Things like cake, yorkshire pudding, jello, brownie are some of the most common. There are a few different molds available in the market. The most well known one is by Dr. Oetker, but some modern variation that are cheaper and work just as well. This article will list some of the best available today.

Why Use a Steam Pudding Mold

A steam pudding mold keeps the food moist and ensures that it cooks slowly. This helps prevents you from over cooking the food. This will make the texture light and delicious. Instead of a traditional oven, you can cook this on a stove top. You will usually pour in water in a pot and elevate it with a bowl. Put a lid on it and steam it. This makes cooking a little easier than using the whole oven. Cooking time will vary based on the recipe you are cooking.

Best Steam Pudding Mold List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Steam Pudding Mold available.

Dr. Oetker 2531 Classic Pudding Bowl, 2.6-Quart (Best Overall)

Dr. Oetker is a German manufacturer of bake ware. They produce some of the best bakware available. Their Steam Pudding Mold is the classic model that every other manufacturer copy. It has a fluted center and lock on lid. The metal is also coated with nonstick so that you can unmold food easily.

Mrs. Anderson’s Baking 43715 Non-Stick Steamed Pudding Mold with Lid, 1.6-Liters (Best Buy)

For a smaller more affordable option, Mrs Anderson steam mold is a good choice. It uses a aluminum body to ensure that it will heat up evenly. This also mean that it wont rust like carbon steel or cast iron. The lid also locks in place to seal in the liquid.

Kitchen Craft KCMCHB61 Master Class Non-Stick 2 Litre Pudding Steamer (Best Traditional Mold)

For a more traditional steam pudding shape without the center and ridges. Kitchen Craft is a great choice. It is made of carbon steel with a nonstick coating. This coating prevents it from rust and helps it unmold. The rolled edge also means that it will hold its shape better than other mold. This is the most attractive and traditional British mold of the bunch.


While you can use a bowl to make pudding, nothing beats the convience and performance of a dedicated pudding bowl. There are a few different models available, on the market. The best one is made by Dr. Oetker, it has a fluted center for quick and fast cooking. However, cheaper alternative will work just as well. If you want a more traditional looking pudding, then one without the ridge and fluted center will work just as well. It might take a little longer to cook though. You should get one that best suits your need.

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