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Best Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan

The Best Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan should be able to turn out perfectly golden paddu each time. They come in a variety of shape and materials. They vary both in diameter and metal used. In the states, specialized Paniyaram Pan are rare. However, there exist a very similar pan, called the Aebskeviler pan. You can use it to make paddu, takoyaki and more. So while this pan might seem specialized you can make so much more than just paddu. This review will list some of the Best Paniyaram Pan around.

Best Kuzhi Paniyaram List

Below you will find a list of some of the Best Kuzhi Paniyaram. While the name might not say Kuzhi Paniyaram specifically, these pans will work just fine.

Lodge Pro-Logic P7A3 Cast-Iron Aebleskiver Pan

Lodge is one of the oldest cast iron manufacturer. Their quality and performance is the best that you can get for your money. This heavy duty construction means that it will pretty much last forever. It will also develop a nonstick coating overtime. If you plan on cooking paddu regularly, this is the way to go.

Nordic Ware Danish Ebleskiver Pan (Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan)

Nordic Ware is one of the largest manufacturer of Scandinavian cookware. They manufacturer a wide variety of aluminum casted nonstick. This pan carries a ten year warranty ensuring that you should be cooking paddu for a while. The nonstick coating is also the easiest to use out of the bunch. If you want something easy to use and cook, then give nordic ware a try.

Cucina Pro

If you want a electric machine with an easy to read light, then cucina pro is a leader in this game. They make a wide variety of electric iron cooker. They range from waffles to krumakake. When the pan is ready, a light will tell you when to pour in the batter. This model also have a nonstick coating so it should be very easy to use.

What Are Kuzhi paniyaram?

Kuzhi paniyaram are round snacks using a batter of lentils and rice. They can be made with either a sweet or savory flavor. Often time, they are served with chutney or other sauces. They are commonly eaten during breakfast.

If made right, it should have a crispy exterior with a soft and light interior.

Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan Design

What makes a Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan special is the dimple that it has. In any culture where a round ball shape is required, a dimple pan is necessary. While they may vary in size, for the most part, they are interchangeable.

The process of making is pretty much the same as well. You start off by buttering or oiling the pan. Get it hot then pour in the batter. Once the bottom has set, you get a pick to flip it on its side. You repeat as necessary to get a full circle. In Japan, they would often add tako or octopus to make takoyaki.

Materials and Construction

There are a few different materials that are available for making these dumplings. The most common these days are nonstick pan. Which is essentially aluminum with a teflon coating. They are the easiest to use and offer superior heat distribution. The problem with these pans is that the coating can wear down and you need to replace it.

Cast Iron variety use to be a lot more common. Most restaurant professional use a pan of this material. They are the most durable and can develop a nonstick coating called seasoning. The seasoning also helps protects the pan from rust. There are things you need to be aware of though, if you wash it with harsh detergent, you can strip it. Luckily, reapplying the coating is not too difficult. All you need to do is apply a thin film of canola oil and bake it at 350 degree Fahrenheit for half an hour. As you use the pan, it will only get better.

There are electric machine as well. They are great if you want a convient way of making Kuzhi Paniyaram. If you do not have access to a stove or go out camping, this is a great alternative. However, they just wont have the durability and power of the traditional gas unit. I would only get this if your choice is limited.

Best Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan Thoughts

Overall, the best Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan depends on your cooking style. If you want a long last and durable pan, then get cast iron. However, for ease of use, nothing beats nonstick. Literally it reduces your chance of tearing the Kuzhi Paniyaram down to zero. For a convienent and easy to use model, get a electric model. They are perfect for camping or table top cooking.

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